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Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt 12

So I went on hiatus in October, planning to start posting again in November. Unfortunately college took over. After 8 months of working aimlessly, going back to college was more troublesome than I’d expected. I’m a little more on top of things now though. I was planning to start posting again in the new year.
Then this happened.

Everytime my interest in this show wanes, it pulls something that draws me back in. In this case revealing my least favourite character is in fact super hot. (and a really intersting plot twist + cliff hanger, but lets be real. It’s the hot guy.)
I’m such a shallow shoujo fan.
Of course, now I’m completely torn between my hatred of his irritating character, and my extreme adoration of romance. I don’t want him to get together with Panty – except when I was watching the episode and cheering them on. Reminds me with my love/hate relationship with HYD. I still love Rui/Tsukushi at the start of the series, even though I know later on I’ll be screaming at Tsukasa’s mother for interfering with his relationship with Tsukushi.
Couples are complicated.

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt 01

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d like P&S. I hate potty humour, with a firey passion. Like, walk out a room rather than watch type of hate.
But, the visual style looked awesome, and, well, cute girls. Plus it looked like the Power Puff Girls and fuck me if that isn’t the best show ever.

If you’ve never watched this, we’ll never be friends.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty meh about P&S. Panty and Stocking themselves are ADORABLE both in character design and personality. Too much fun.
Then this happened.

Let me tell you, that buys you at least 4 more episodes of my time. More if we’ll get a transformation every episode.

If the entire series was animated in this style, it would be insta-fave of the season.

If Panty wears panties and Stocking wears stockings (or, long socks, whatever), does Garterbelt wear garter belts? Don’t wish to see that, thank you.

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Anime + Drama

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09/xx = Tu[ism] - Mile Stone
09/07 = Alice Nine - HEART OF GOLD
09/07 = DaizyStripper - tsuki ni juusei
09/07 = V.A. - V-ROCK Disney
09/09 = shiki‚ąěproject - rasasakura
09/14 = aoi - yume no kanata e
09/14 = aoi - symmetry
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09/28 = DragonWAPPPPPPER - 6piece

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