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[DOWNLOAD] Koigokoro Fantasia


Nine years ago, while on holiday, NONOZUMI Kanata received her first kiss from a boy named Haruka. Now age 15, Kanata has continued to love him and treasures a photograph of them together, which she always carries with her. Finding that she will be spending the Summer Holidays alone, she decides to find Haruka using the address on the photograph as her only clue. As she has never travelled alone before, she nearly boards the wrong train, only to be “saved” by KASUKABE Kairi–a very cute and popular boy from another class at her school. As they travel, she tells Kairi of her dream and he decides to help her in her search! Will Kanata be successful in finding the true “Haruka”? And when she does, will he return her feelings? And what about Kairi who’s been helping and protecting Kanata on her journey? The path to true love is never easy.

Vol 1

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Go! Baajinaru Hanayuki


Fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Kitasanjou Tomoe is the only student who’s friendly with Yakuza heir Aono Kouga. The rest of the school finds him aloof and scary, but not Tomoe, who feels he’s a good person. Tomoe’s parents and sister die unexpectedly in a car accident. In the midst of her grief she’s informed she’ll be sold to a house of prostitution to cover her father’s business debts. Luckily she confides this to Kouga. He can’t buy her freedom, but he can arrange for his family’s brothel to purchase her. Kouga secretly watches over her, trying his best to keep her from the duties of a prostitute and from the knowledge that he is the brothel’s boss.

Vol 1
Vol 2 Ch1
Vol 2 Ch2

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[DOWNLOAD] Milk Crown + Milk Crown H + Milk Crown Lovers

Milk Crown


Oto Tachibana, a 17-year-old, good-natured and caring girl, decides to earn her own school fees from now on, so she takes a job at her new school as a dormitory maid for “Class Z,” an elitist class full of people with special talents. As such, she starts her new life away from her family in the dormitory, surrounded by (mainly) boys that are all a little different. Among them is Jin, the dormitory head, a boy who is amazingly strong and who keeps a “cuddly” pet at the dormitory’s swimming pool – a pet shark! The quite charming and funny story revolves around the daily lives of the people in the dormitory, and in the middle is the relationship that Oto and Jin are starting to build.

Vol 1
Vol 2

Milk Crown H


Sequel to Milk Crown.

Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5

Milk Crown Lovers


Sequel to Milk Crown H.

Vol 1
Vol 2

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Anime + Drama

No.6 [July 7]
Idolmaster [July 7]
Blood-C [July 7]
Sacred Seven [July 2]
Kami-sama no Memo-chou [July 2]

Ouran High School Host Club [July 22]
Ikemen desu ne [July 15]
Hana Kimi [July 10]


09/xx = Tu[ism] - Mile Stone
09/07 = Alice Nine - HEART OF GOLD
09/07 = DaizyStripper - tsuki ni juusei
09/07 = V.A. - V-ROCK Disney
09/09 = shiki∞project - rasasakura
09/14 = aoi - yume no kanata e
09/14 = aoi - symmetry
09/14 = jealkb - AGAINST
09/28 = SID - Itsuka
09/28 = THE KIDDIE - utsukushiki REDRUM
09/28 = DragonWAPPPPPPER - 6piece

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