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Ultimate K-pop Intro Post

This is a post I’ve thought of making for a while. Just somewhere to direct my friends when I start talking about kpop.

First, a brief history of Korean pop. Pop music as you or I would know it only really became big in Korea in the late eighties, early nineties. It revolved around idol groups and the occaisional soloist, and indeed still does, with rock and indie artists struggling to gain a footing (unless they become band-idols, such as FTIsland.) Popular groups included g.o.d, H.O.T, Shinhwa, Fin.K.L, Sechskies, and Seo Taiji and the Boys. Although these bands were popular in Korea, there was never much of an international following.
Then along came the internet.
Most of the groups popular in international kpop fandom are later groups, from 2003 onwards. And since this is a guide for international fandom, I’ll focus on groups relevant to international fandom.

Idol groups are basically mass-produced pop groups or soloists. Idols start as trainees (equivelent to Johnny Juniors, H!P Eggs, 48 Kenkyuusei, etc) under production companies, where they are taught to sing, dance, MC, act, model, etc. Then if they are talented, lucky and hard-working enough, they will debut as part of a unit, alongside other trainees, or is they’re especially good, as a solo performer. The activities idols do vary from group to group. DBSK are famous for their singing skills, Super Junior do a lot of variety shows, Big Bang are known for writing and producing their own music, etc etc. Most groups include a member who’s a main vocalist, a main dancer, a rapper, and someone conventionally beautiful.

I mentioned production companies. The Big 3 are SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. SM is the biggest, and the most popular and ‘mainstream’ idols come from it. YG is known for being very into hip-hop and R’n’B in the early days, and only recently started producing idol groups. JYP is generally solid and ambitious. Both YG and JYP are headed by ex-idols.
Of course there are also tonnes of smaller companies, but none have the prestige and power of the big 3. (Although Cube is looking very respectable these days.)

So, lets introduce some idols.

May 23, 2011 at 6:45 pm 5 comments

Girls Generation vs Shoujo Jidai ‘Gee’

aka an excuse to post ‘Gee’ multiple times.

So, Soh Nyuh Shi Dae aka SNSD aka Girls Generation debuted in Japan as Shoujo Jidai. And they’ve just released their biggest Korean hit, ‘Gee’ in Japan. (In Japanese, obviously.)

First of all, I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love that Minho is in the JMV as well as the KMV. Hyungwhore gets hardly any screentime in his own MVs, and I don’t really see why it should have to be a Japanese boy just because it’s a Japanese single.
As for the song… SNSD’s Japanese pronunciation isn’t great. Sooyoung and Seohyun are best, obviously because they are the most fluent in Japanese. Also, hearing the lyrics in Japanese is a bit of a mindfuck. It just sounds wrong. Because I’ve heard the Korean version SO many times, and I do have a fair idea of the lyrics, and how they should sound. So hearing:

yaba chincha chincha honto wa, No no no no no!
yappa meccha meccha ki ni naru, Oh oh oh oh oh!
hora chowa chowa kono mama, Gee gee gee gee gee
koishitai no (Oh yeah!) aishitai no (Oh yeah yeah yeah)

instead of

Neomu banjjak banjjak nooni booshuh no no no no no
Neomu kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh
Neomu jjarit jjarit momi ddeullyuh gee gee gee gee gee
O juhjeun nunbit (oh yeah~) oh joeun hyanggee (oh yeah yeah yeah~)

is just very strange. I don’t dislike it. It’s more like just because I’m not expecting it.
Also, this is amazing but it seems like the girls voices are even higher in Japanese. Especially Sooyoung and Sunny. Especially especially Sooyoung because I never expect her voice to be as high as it is.

As for the MV itself, JMV has a much higher budget. Sets and fashion and camera-work all looks better. That said, I have always though Gee MV was a bit of a clusterfuck.

I mean, in the original you had the messing about in the store, two choreo scenes, and the random angelic sitting laughing towards the end all messily edited together. And I sort of thought the JMV would take the oppurtunity to streamline things a bit, but no. Indeed, we get extra scenes.

I don’t even know what was going on there. It just felt a bit messy and all over the place.

Actually, my big problem with the MV is how creeped out I am at Tiffany and Sunny’s faces. Let’s be frank, plastic surgery is not uncommon in Asian entertainment. I love Jaejoong, I love Eeteuk, I love Hara, I love Uee. I have no problem with plastic surgery. But… With Tiffany and Sunny, it’s like their faces have changed enough to be noticable, but not enough to look really different. There’s something strange about watching them, that there’s something wrong I can’t quite put my finger on. I do feel a bit sad when I look at Tiffany because she was perfect before.

I sound like I’m complaining but I do love Gee.

October 5, 2010 at 10:05 pm 1 comment

2NE1 ‘Clap Your Hands’ + ‘Go Away’ + ‘Can’t Nobody’

2NE1 are I think, the first Korean band ever to promote three songs at once. It a big deal, and YG are spending major money on promotions.
I really love 2NE1, and the ‘To Anyone’ album is great. Pretty gutted I’m unemployed right now, because I want it.


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BIG BANG ‘Beautiful Hangover’ + Sistar ‘Shady Girl’

Let me just say, BB can do NO WRONG in my eyes. Everything about this release is great. The MV, the song, the choreo, the concept, every single member… All perfect.
Whoever decided to cast Daesung as a drug dealer deserves a medal. The scene where he’s propositioning YB and then sings Kiss my lips… Good lord, fanfic fodder for the fangirls. There’s a lot of sexual tension in this vid. GD/girl, YB/girl, Dae/YB, Dae/GD, GD/YB. Ri gets to watch from his computers, I guess. (but not as much as Haru Haru.) YB dancing at 1:25; my god I love watching him move.
My only problem with BB MVs (and it’s not even really a problem) is that they do tend to revolve around GD. Or GD and TOP, or occaisionally GD and YB. But ultimately it is usually GD!!! and Taeyang and TOP and those other two guys. This isn’t really a complaint from me, because TOP and GD are my biases. But I do always feel bad for Ri and Dae.
That said, GD looks fucking amazing in this MV. He should keep his hair in this style forever (except that’s what I always say when he changes his hair apart from that tragic long hair in curtains style he had late last year) and he should definitely always wear glasses.
I’m so excited, delighted; I won’t deny it nor fight it. GD’s english is always a pleasure to listen to. It absolutely made ‘I Need a Girl’.
Oh wait, I do have another complaint: not enough Tabi. I know he’s injured (DDDD:) and so couldn’t take place in the dance scenes* but I, and a million other fangirls, would have been perfectly happy to just watch him sitting in a chair. Although I guess that sitting in a chair looking fuckable is TOP’s part in this MV.
The girl seriously reminds me of Kaya Scodelario. Except if Kaya had a wonky nosejob.
Drug Dealer Dae is turning me on SO FUCKING MUCH RN. As is Drug Lord/God Seungri. And Geeked-up GD. And GQMF Suit Wearing TOP. And Stumbling/High/Drugged-out/Drunk Taeyang. There’s something wrong with me, it’s been hours since I watched it the first time and I CAN BARELY BREATHE RIGHT NOW OHMYGAH.
*Not that cutting him out of the dance breaks are a major loss or anything.

Their Korean comeback cannot come fast enough.

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Happy 4th Anniversary BIG BANG!

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Happy Birthday G-Dragon!

Jiyong is 22 today~ Happy bday bb. GD bias.


August 17, 2010 at 4:22 pm 2 comments

Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

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