Majisuka Gakuen 2 12

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So the second season of Majisuka Gakuen has come to an end.

MajiJo and Yabakune meet up and after some glaring and trash talk begin a poorly choreographed fight. All your favourite senbatsu and undergirls get a little screentime, even the useless ones. 🙂 Whilst this is going on, Yuka and Yuki try to convince Acchan to flee the country. You know, for beating up criminals. Anyway, Acchan realises she can’t leave her friends, and goes to join the fray, even though she knows the police are waiting for her there. When she arrives and faces Shibuya, Shibuya realises there’s no way she can beat her, and wishes she could be part of MajiJo again. Acchan hands Shibuya her MajiJo badge, and after saying her goodbyes to every friend, ally, enemy, alumni, etc, goes out to the cops to be arrested.

The first half of this ep was actually really good. MajiJo girls fighting competently, equal screentime for all the girls, cheesy but not unwatchable, much like the first season. This is why people watch Majigaku, to see their idols acting like yankees and being adorable whilst doing so.
Gakuran did a really awesome slide kick here that I could competently gif because the cuts in this scane are all over the place.

Even Shaku can defeat these no name Yabakune underlings.

Lovetan torturing MajiJo underlings. Aw, I’ve wished the Sansho pair. Feels like it’s been ages since they were last seen. Getting beaten by Gakuran then running away from Gekikara.

Otabe just stalks the battlefield and keeps out of trouble. Occasionally destroying anyone who comes within a 2 metre radius.

Aminyan! I don’t remember what she’s called in this drama, if anything. She’s so damn cute.

Look who showed up from the hospital! Hooked to an IV, laughing like a maniac, and rivalling Sao in deriving pleasure from giving pain.

Gakuran was so pleased to see her! Heavenly Queen friendships ftw!

Shibuya was thrilled to see Gekikara beating up her girls. When the rest of the original queens show up later she gets happier. Definitely should not have left MajiJo.
I loved it. I loved that the five originals were still bff throughout it all. I think it’s been one of my favourite parts of the series.

Fighting back to back.
Nezumi got over herself and accepted Jurina’s love confession friendship. Nezumi’s character development has felt a bit off over the series. Mainly because you can never tell with Nezumi, if she’s really changed or if she’s just acting that way for her own personal gain. She didn’t gain anything by fighting though, so I guess the implication is that she’s now considering Centre her true friend.

Finally appearing for the last episode! Daruma! She deserved more screentime. It’s ridiculous. I know Aki-P wants to seperate SDN from AKB, but Yukarin got plenty of screentime.

We can always rely on Team Hormone to provide the sarcastic comments.

I don’t understand why it’s necessary for Acchan to flee the country. OK, she’s beat up a lot of bad guys. But she’s a high school student, either second or third year, so 16-18 years old, with no previous convictions. She’s not going to get into that much trouble, she certainly shouldn’t go to jail. Running the country will just make things worse.

Team Hormone proving why they were so scary in the first season. Flying kick! Refusing to surrender the MajiJo flag!

The twins appear as MajiJo are getting beaten into the ground and give everyone a second wind. This was the first time Shibuya had seen the twins, she was sort of calmly shocked at seeing the sisters of the girl she used to follow and respect.

Choukoku appears! She’s given the money back to Nezumi and can fight on MajiJo’s side once again, where she belongs! Centre was happy to see her, as was I. Shame she didn’t do much.

Something awesome this way comes.

Black uses that super-speed and wipes out all Yabakune girls in her vicinity. That’s original queen power for you.
Yukirin is so underused in this drama, both seasons. I love seeing her with a poker face.

Shibuya and Gekikara are both thrilled to see her. Definitely my favourite part of this season, the expansion of the friendship of the first queens. It didn’t come across in the first season.

Interesting that Torigoya can use her power without going over to the other side now. Proof of her maturity and piss-poor writing? jk it’s obviously the latter.

I legit think I’ll cry when Mariko-sama graduates.

Lots of girls got screentime as Yabakune underlings. Umechan and Harugon were amongst them – two girls I love!

Shibuya was so precious; look at her smiling as she fights alongside her friends! Aaaah I think I’ll gif this smile.

Of course if MajiJo alumni can join in then Yabakune alumni can too! The super scary Yabakune boss from last season! Chiharu and Sanae were shocked to see her.
Up until this point the episode has been really fun. Lots of action, lots of cameos, not taking itself too seriously. This is Majisuka Gakuen.

The by now extremely recogniable mandtory shot of Acchan’s feet walking through the middle of the corridor.

Frontgirl even in drama.
As she confronts Shibuya everyone gathers around; Acchan is a true leader.

Of course at this point everyone is expecting a big AcchanxShibuya brawl – it’s only been the one recurring theme throughout the series.

After a stare down, Shibuya begins to cry. She knows she can’t beat Acchan. She doesn’t particularly care about beating her. She did originally; at the start of the series, she was angry and bitter. She hated Acchan, for beating her, for beating Sado, for being acknowledged by Yuko, and for taking Yuko’s place. She joined Yabakune to get her revenge, and to gain the power she craved in the first season. But over the season she matured. She realised she was weak, she couldn’t control the Yabakune girls, she missed MajiJo, and she didn’t want to hurt her friends. So when finally confonted, she could do nothing buy cry at what the situation had become.
When I see Tomochin crying I want to cry too.

Luckily Acchan too has matured and become a kind and caring soul able to forgive and forget.

Acchan makes her way out to hand herself in to the police. On the way she says goodbye to all her friends – Gakuran, Kabuki Sisters, Daruma, Team Hormone, the Queens, Jurina, and Nezumi, the latter pair to whom she hands the top. Complete BS she didn’t say goodbye to Choukoku though. Sayaka got totally shafted this season. I really feel Aki-P must dislike her or something.

Back together again where they belong.

Even though I actually really enjoyed the episode… It’s not a good end to the series. I understand Majisuka Gakuen is purely a drama created to showcase AKB48. It doesn’t have to have great writing, or acting. That said, Majisuka Gakuen 1 was great. It was fun and campy. It focused on the senbatsu, and followed a ‘yankee-of-the-week’ format, so everyone had plenty of screentime.
The second season… The format completely changed. There was no longer a main protagonist, or anyone to follow. There was a hell of a lot of plot introduced, then insufficiently cleared up. This season was clearly just an excuse to for push; push of SKE48, push of Team 4. There were attempts at character development, but there were so many characters, things were forgotten or pushed to the side, and lots of girls got shafted, especially popular members. I understand the season focused on pushing less popular girls, but this meant less screentime for senbatsu. Not including the senbatsu, the main characters of the first season, meant the second season felt disjointed and unrelated. It felt rushed and episodes didn’t flow well, and characters did or said things that were out of character for the sake of plot. I won’t say it wasn’t fun to watch because it was. I love seeing my favourite idols running around being ridiculous, especially Dance and Gekikara, who I don’t see much of since I don’t follow SKE. But I don’t feel it has much rewatch value, especially compared to the first season.
The end of the first season very clearly left it open for a second. This ending didn’t. I’m not sure we’ll be seeing a third season of Majisuka Gakuen.

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