Majisuka Gakuen 2 11

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Mandatory shot of Gekikara. Hope she fights next week!

Acchan is back this week for good! She heads off to Yabakune to face Shibuya, but Nezumi intervenes and alerts the police that the MajiJo schoolgirl who’s been beating up bad guys is at Yabakune right now. Centre finds Nezumi and tries to chat with her, but Nezumi has had enough of Centre trying to befriend her and attacks her. Centre initially sits back and takes it, but eventually it all proves to much and she launches a love attack, hugging Nezumi into submission. The two end up hugging and crying on the floor, friendship firmly proven.
Acchan reaches Yabakune and starts beating up redshirts left, right and centre. She attracts the attention of Shibuya, and the two end up in a face-down. Before they can fight, Dance interupts, alerting Shibuya that the police have arried looking for Acchan. Shibuya, not wanting Acchan arrested before they can fight, commands Dance to give Acchan her uniform so she can escape Yabakune unseen.
Back at MajiJo, the entire school have gathered together to defend themselves, led by the Rappappa.

Acchan/Gakuran is the original and best Majisuka ship. Their fist bump was adorable! Love them! Gakuran was the first enemy to come over to Acchan’s side.

Meddling bitch jfc!

Watching this fight was literally painful. This was the worst choreographed fight so far. Did I say that about last episode? Any fight with Jurina is painful. She cannot fake-fight to save herself.


Lame. Hopefully this means Nezumi is out of action for the last episode and can’t do anything to screw anyone up.

The showdown we’ve been waiting for since, like, episode 4.

Acchan is getting so much screentime and it’s all great. She definitely one of the better actresses in AKB (obviously). On top of that all her parts are great. Like just marching up to Shibuya and telling her what all the viewers have been thinking from the beginning. This drama could have been seriously improved if they’d stuck to the season one formula and just made Acchan the lead.

Fabulous in a Yabakune uniform as well.

The four queens together with their ‘leader’! (minus Gekikara.)

MajiJo banding together was frankly awesome. I love seeing characters come together to defeat something. And I see in the next episode preview, we’re getting Sado, Black, Torigoya, and Choukoku as well! Cannot wait for the next episode, seriously! All we need is Nachu and I will die of happiness.
Fresh Yankee ni naritai no!

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