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Didn’t blog 9 becaaaaause it was boring. OK, it wasn’t boring, I just couldn’t bring myself to care about it at all.

I still think Okabe is boring as hell but Yui herself is growing on me! In this scene she suddenly pops in to advise Shaku and it’s so cute and funny.

This episode, Nezumi tries to rally the Tsu-Alliance, but they’ve all heard that she tried to betray Centre last episode and no longer trust her. Centre still considers Nezumi her bff4lyfe though, and beats up anyone who tries to say otherwise.
Maeda finally finishes her cherry blossoms, but she still doesn’t have her answer. She finally meets up with Yuka and Yuki, and we’re given a flashback or Maeda and Yuko before her death. After being comforted by Yuka, Maeda finds the resolve to return to MajiJo, where she apologises to Okabe for forcing the burden of the school onto her.
Shibuya visits Gekikara, who holds no hard felings towards her. She seems unsure of her position regarding MajiJo, but she she returns to Yabakune, she finds Team Habu have rounded up over 200 troops from over 5 neighbourhood schools, including Sutegoro. This convinces her to attack MajiJo once and for all.

Black finally gets an appearance! Shame it only lasted about a minute.
I was really pleased with this episode. All the old favourites were finally back, I guess because we’re gearing up for the final episodes now. Plenty of Tomochin, planty of Acchan, plenty of plot, planty of character development. One of the better balanced episodes so far.

Their relationship is really cute, ok? It’s master and servant, but the servant is totally pleased to serve the master. Dance is pretty much Shibuya’s only true ally.

You have no idea how happy I was to see the end of this jar.

‘Do you know where I can find slightly less fake looking flower petals?’

I liked that they played Sakura no Shiori, the first series ED, rather than Sakura no Ki ni Narou, the current series ED, during the flashback. Shiori really feels like Yuko’s theme, as it was her favourite song, and the graduation song. It made the flashback feel like part of the first series as well.

Nezumi can’t catch a break recently. She was betrayed by Team Habu last episode as well, in similar fashion. I guess everyone’s not as stupid as she thinks they are, and are starting to figure out Nezumi’s lies, double-crossing and general trickery.
And Team Under have taken her favourite hide-out and turned it into their hangout/creepy Shaku shrine.

Centre standing by Nezumi was cool and friendship and all, but Nezumi running away flustered and sulky was just plain precious. Is this feeling moe?

Wait, I recognise those legs. I saw this scene at least once an episode in the first season!

It’s Acchan, back to MajiJo at last!

Definitely the true leader of MajiJo. She’s so damn cool! And of course, she’s wearing Yuko’s ribbon.

I’ve only been waiting for this moment for 5 episodes! Shibuya plucked up the courage to visit Gekikara, and they’re still friends. Totally adorable. Gekikara wasn’t wearing a uniform and Shibuya took off her school badge, so they didn’t have to fight each other. ;-;

I’ll say this, the episode previews make every episode look fucking amazing. Look at this. Okabe, the Four Heavenly Queens (minus Gekikara), Team Hormone, Centre, Team Under and Team Fondue all teaming up. Scenes like this are what I watch yankee-based drama for!

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