Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep8

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My copies of Everyday Kachuusha arrived last week, and I was able to vote last night. Go go Sayaka!

I’m really interested in how Nezumi really feels about Centre. Centre has been very clear about how she feels about Nezumi. She loves her. It’s not totally clear if that’s as a friend or as a lover: naturally, two underage idols can’t be shown to be in a lesbian relationship, but obviously the wota want to imagine the girl-on-girl shenanigans, so it’s being left vague.
As for Nezumi, she acts the caring friend to Centre’s face, then turns around and schemes and plots behind her back. At this point, the scheming is helping Centre, but I want to know what will happen if Centre suddenly stands in Nezumi’s way. Will she be so keen to help her friend then?

I was trying to write up a summary of this episode, but nothing happened. I know some people are saying season 2 is all character development and no plot. That seems to be the case here. Lets see…
Team Hormone and Team Fondue become friends. They discuss the state of MajiJo over fondue-dipped hormone.
Gekikara is in critical condition. Whilst unconscious, she dreams of Yuko, who tells her to protect MajiJo. She awakens, to find the Kabuki Sisters, Shaku, Gakuran, Torigoya and Sado looking over her.
After leaving the hospital, Torigoya and Sado discuss the state of MajiJo.
Centre challenges Otabe… again. Otabe puts a swift end to the fight by discussing the current state of MajiJo with her.
Shibuya recruits a new school, Sutegoro High, to help in the fight against MajiJo.
And so forth.

I love the OP. I love that it shows what characters will be active in the upcoming episode. My interest shot up when I saw the Kabuki Sisters would be in this episode.

This was so cute. Not quite the Team Hormone vs Team Fondue I was hoping for at the end of last episode though.

Interesting turn of events. The girl Shibuya propositioned last episode is Nakamata. She’s not an existing character, she’s a tenth gen Kenkyuusei aka a new member of Team 4, alongside Team Fondue. No wonder Fondue have been getting so much push this season.
Another new school. We’ll be seeing season 3 before we’re done.
It really irritates me that all the Sutegoro girls had the same hairstyle. Makes it 10x more difficult for me to tell them apart tbh.

She’s changed her character~ I love that she’s basically ignored whenever she tries to tell people. Poor Mukuchi.

Otabe asks Centre to fight with her, but naturally Nezumi is against that. Ooh, which will Centre choose? She loves Nezumi, but recently Centre’s character has been thinking about her place at MajiJo and why she fights. This was especially obvious in her fight against Choukoku and her talk with Gekikara.

I liked the dream/afterlife sequence a lot. Luckily Majigaku is cheesy enough of a drama to pull it off without looking ridiculous. It helps that Yuko is one of the better actresses in AKB. I really like this side of Gekikara character as well; that only comes out when she’s thinking about her friends.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wish we could see more of them in the drama. Just missing Black and Shibuya.

Torigoya trying to recruit people to work with her. Looks like Black is at the massage parlour now, and she asked Shibuya as well. The way she dropped her coat and sauntered off trying to recruit Sado was hilarious. Sado meanwhile completely ignores her.

Hmm, I estimate she’ll finish just in time for the last episode, aye?

Four Heavenly Queens. All they need is Maeda and they’ll definitely beat Yabakune.

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I want the Eyeshield 21 artbook Majisuka Gakuen 2 10

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