Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep7

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It’s weird, I consider Tomochin my oshimen, but really it should be Sayaka, considering how damn excited I get over her.

The episode starts with Choukoku meeting up with Shibuya and Nezumi. Choukoku has been told by Nezumi that she’ll receive 2 million yen if she defeats Maeda, money Choukoku needs for her mother in hospital. Shibuya wants to fight Maeda, and concinces Sayaka to go after Otabe instead. Choukoku is conflicted, as she doesn’t want to betray MajiJo and her friends there, but she really needs the money. After talking it over with Nezumi, her martial art trainer, her mother, and Center, whom she coincidently meets at a shrine, she decides to go for it. Unfortunately, whilst this is going on, Center has been talking with Team Hormone, who tell her that Otabe was called out by Yabakune. Center goes off to Yabakune as well, and Choukoku and her end up facing each other. After a surprisingly realistic fight, Center wins, and returns to MajiJo.
We also see what’s going on with Acchan – she’s still beating up street thugs, but is now being hunted down by a police officer who looks exactly like her old friend Minami.
The episode ends with a cut to Gekikara in hospital. Although she was stable and talking to Otabe earlier in the episode, she starts have internal pains, and is rushed to surgery.

I love that Team Under are still following Shakunee from last episode. They’ve picked up her catchphrase as well. Ikunai!

Look at her perfect perfect face.
(I know I’ve said that about Tomochin and Sae as well. Must be a habit of mine, my oshimen having flawless faces.)

I knew she wouldn’t just up and attack Maeda for no reason!

This does not surprise me in any way. I’m guessing her dad is either a corrupt businessman or yakuza.

Choukoku cried a lot this episode. And every time I wanted to die.
I’m really glad Sayaka got her own episode though. I was worried she would get shafted this series, especially since she’s not getting much push in AKB anymore. This is more screentime than she got in the first series as well.
I’m hoping a Choukoku-centric episode during senbatsu voting will help pull Sayaka up a bit. I’ll be devastated if she doesn’t make senbatsu. She was 23 in the early results, let hope the Sayaka wota are waiting for a final push at the end.
Speaking of voting, I’m not sure my copies of the single will arrive in time to vote. If they do I’m almost defintely voting for Sayaka. Tomochin is basically guaranteed a spot in the top 5, if not top 3, and Sae will probably be media senbatsu as well, definitely top 15.

What is a yankee who doesn’t like to fight like? Lots of AKB references this episode.

I wonder if this will afftect Gekikara’s character in any way. Since Gekikara’s style of fighting is to throw herself into it 100%, with no thought for herself, not even seeming to feel pain. If she becomes scared of fighting…

Those who are strong are those who know fear. Explains Acchan and Jurina’s strength then.

OBVIOUSLY Aki-P wasn’t going to let his favourite girl not get any drama time. Weird that she came back as another character though. Can’t wait for her to meet Acchan!

I had hopes Choukoku would pull back her jacket to reveal her badge or something, but no luck.

“I’m in that group that appeard in the second episode and acheived nothing!”

This is an odd matchup. I wonder if anyone at MajiJo will even realise Choukoku betrayed them. Center isn’t the type to broadcast that type of thing, but Nezumi is.
This fight was much more fun to watch than any of the othes this season. Because Sayaka actually knows martial arts, it’s much more believable watching her beat up Jurina.

On the other hand, watching Center throw Choukoku over her head wasn’t believable in the slightest.

Look who turn up next episode! Torigoya and Sado! Finally!
Also in next episode are the Yuka/Yuki twins, Takamina, Acchan, Tomochin… It’s a senbatsu gathering. Team Hormone vs Team Fondue and Otabe vs Jurina and Shibuya vs Mysterious New Character. Really, really can’t wait for next episode!

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