Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep 6

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Haha wow only remebered I hadn’t posted this when Mayuyu updated her blog saying Ep7 broadcasts tonight.

Okabe came running up to make sure Gekikara was ok.
No sign of Acchan.
Hina <- not impressed.

Probably won’t be seeing Kanon again this drama! And they came her an introduction screen too.

Good to know Shibuya wasn’t behind the stabbing! Even though I’m upset that she wasn’t more upset. One of your best friends and sisters was shanked and all you’re worried about retribution is from Majijo?

This laugh, although good, was nowhere as pleasing as Gekikara’s!

Why people fight? Because you go around stirring trouble between them?

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m warming to Center. Which in turn is making me warm to Jurina.
Even though I dislike her performances and her man-face and wish Rena was the frontgirl of SKE.
I guess I don’t dislike her as much as before.

Sa-ya-ka~! I’m glad she’s finally coming back next episode.

I get yankees are stereotypically supposed to smoke. I get that idols can’t smoke. I get everyone knows both these facts, and if we show the idols pretending to smoke, eveyone will understand the reference.
But that doesn’t mean Team Under don’t look ridiculous pretending to get off on sucking flowers.

Miichan looks really good from this angle.

Ridiculous that they were defeated by Shaku. I guess every generation of Rappapa has a group of girls who don’t deserve to be there.

SO GOOD to know Acchan is still the top of the yankee food chain!

I know I’ve said this before, but I like Amina and Yukari a lot. I like their acting, their matching leopard print accesories and their double act.

This fight was such a farce. OK, it’s probably what would realistically happen between two yankees. But if I wanted to watch a realistic high school fight play out I’d pop off down the road and watch the high schoolers there.

I was hoping maybe, just maybe, Shaku could win and the Queens wouldn’t be a complete joke. But she ties. With Janken of all people. Janken who gets bullied by Team Habu.

I will say, I don’t like Mayumi’s ‘janken’ shtick. Yes, she won the janken tournament. Once. By luck. There is more to her than that, you know!


If Gekikara was gone I’d be so pressed. ice. I hope that the final ep brings back all the Rappappa together and they band together to defeat Yabakune for good.

Okotteru~ So many great catchphrases from this series.

Next week hails the return of Choukoku! Sayaka!
Not even vaguely impressed at the thought of her siding with Yabakune though. Maybe she’s doing that to bring Acchan to her senses? Seems like a Choukoku thing to do. Watch and protect from the shadows.

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Ultimate K-pop Intro Post Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep7

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