Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep5

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You will regret those words Comeback!

Gekikara makes short work of Comeback then tries to crush Mayuge under a piano. Unfortunately this is called off when Gakuran reminds Gekikara that she promised Yuko she would graduate, and murdering schoogirls could prevent that. Instead she carries Gakuran to hospital, threatening death on any who stand in her way.
Meanwhile, Bungee, the only member of Team Hormone not in hospital, is forced to hang out wih Team Fondue, and ends up convincing them to fight for MajiJo. After a bit of ridiculous posing, Fondue realise they are possibly weaker than Hormone, and try to convince classmate Centre to fight with them for practice. In doing so, they accidently reveal Centre’s scar, which we are shown comes from being shanked during a fight.
Otabe, clearly suspect of Nezumi, asks her to find out who’s behind the recent stirrings. She then meets with the principal, who basically confirms that Acchan is skipping school to clean up crime on the streets.
Gekikara meets up with Dance, and uses her phone to challenge Shibuya.
Shaku visits Gakuran in hospital, and after a bit of useless dialogue we almost get a kiss! Which comes out of nowhere but is appreciated none the less. Unfortunately the pair are interupted by Gekikara, who has a talk with Gakuran, and reveals her sweet side. She then leaves to meet up with Shibuya, but on the way out the hospital is stabbed by a random yankee posing as a patient.

Lots of plot this episode~

Watching Gekikara beat up people is always so pleasing. Especially when they’re totally deserving of it.

This would have been the perfect time for a Sado cameo! Please! Luckily, Mariko, Nachu and Sayaka are definitely coming in an upcoming episode.

Poor Bungee, forced to hang out with Team Fondue.
Fresh Lemon really steals the scene in these shots. Seriously cannot stop watching her. She’s not my oshimen, but… Really, I completely understand her popularity.

Yeah, sure.

No, it is not. (Although by the looks of next episode she might be pretty cool. I hope she’s this season’s Torigoya.)

Fuck yes I’ve been wondering where she was! I wonder if the creepy doctor will show up this season too? Here’s for no!

OMG Flawless short-haired Acchan. All ready for Hana Kimi I see!

Before this drama I had no idea who Kuumin was, now I’m seriously loving her. Aki-P’s really pushing SKE this season, with Jurina, Rena, Fuumin getting mad screentime, and now Kanon turning up this episode. I mean, Fuumin’s getting more screentime than Tomo~mi and Mocchi, and all she does is get nosebleeds. jfc

Her ringtone is Dear J~ ❤

I really want Shibuya to do something violent now Gekikara has been stabbed. A sort of ‘She’s my friend, noone can hurt her but me.’ mentality would be nice.
Basically I want them to stay friends.
She should visit Gekikara in hospital! Where she bumps into Sado, who knocks some sense into her and convinces her to return to MajiJo!
Wow I really want this to happen now.

I recognise that phone!

It’s KumickyxCOCOLULU! Naturally I’d recognise it if Kumicky modelled it.

Die die die interfering bitch.

So finally someone has the intelligence to figure out Nezumi is behind everything and the balls to confront her.

LOOK AT THAT FACE AHHHH SO ADORABLE! She looks so great with her hair down too, just like first season when I first fell in love with her~ Sae-chan~

BEST MOMENT IN THE SERIES HANDS DOWN. I don’t care that they’ve pretty much never spoken before, I mean, Gakuran basically falls in love with anyone, right? Daruma and Acchan in the same episode… btw I ship GakuranxAtsune, GakuranxShaku, GakuranxGekikara and GakuranxDance. I hope she finally gets a gf by the end of the season!

Never before have I been disappointed to see Gekikara.

She made Gakuran a crane omfg so adorable! What was I saying earlier about this ep being all plot? No, all fanservice more like.

Oh look a new character for me to hate.

Yes, she has been stabbed, and it’s horrible, but you are IN A HOSPITAL. No joke of Gekikara really does die I’ll… Well, be really upset and vent my rage on tumblr I guess.

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