Majusuka Gakuen 2 Ep4

May 9, 2011 at 5:45 pm 1 comment

Insert fangirl squeal here.

In an effort to prove her strength, Shibuya challenges Gekikara to a one-on-one. Unfortunately she sends Dance to tell Gekikara, whom is intercepted by Gakuran. After talking it over with Okabe, Gakuran goes to Shibuya in Gekikara’s stead. Shibuya laughs in her face, and leaves Gakuran to Myao and Lovetan, who’ve also transferred over to Yabakune. Gakuran beats them, but is defeated by the rest of Yabakune.
Meanwhile, Nezumi interferes and tells Gekikara about Gakuran. Gekikara rushes over, but not quick enough to save Gakuran. After a heart-to-heart with Gakuran before she passes out, Gekikara turns and prepares to eradicate the Yabakune underlings.

-sobbing- They took down Shibuya’s picture!

Shibuya is such a bitch omfg I can’t rn. I also really don’t see how Shibuya, who was the weakest of the Queens, thinks she can defeat Gekikara, the strongest?

But can your love turn Nezumi into a decent person, Center? I hope so, I don’t want the series to end with Nezumi as scheming and twisted as she is now.

It’s really dangerous to have this sort of conversation in public bathrooms you know! Seriously anyone could hide in a stall and eavesdrop.

OMFG Sae is so damn cool. She’s so girly and yet she makes a perfect boy. Totally passed as a guy in the first season.

Reminds me of the first season. Sado losing control of the Queens, specifically Shibuya, because they felt the Rappappa were under threat. And now it’s happening again, Okabe can’t control them at all. But you know Atsuko could, just like Yuko could.

So fucking cool jfc.

Hurry up and find it and save this drama. I can’t believe Tomochin and Mayuyu are getting more screentime than Acchan. I’m guessing the reason Tomochin got a bigger part is due to the massive jump she made in last years senbatsu from 7 to 4. But Mayuyu fell! Why is she so important?
Blinded by my hate of both Nezumi and Mayuyu rn.

You used to be friends! Remember it, Shibuya?

Loved Gakuran’s mildly impressed face at Shibuya beating up Dance.

Myao and Lovetan! Ah so adorbs.

jk You won’t see her in this drama.

If Gakuran had lost this fight I might have put my fist through the screen tbqh! I feel like so much of the character development from last season is being undone in an effort to bring back the popular girls from last year. Last season the Sanshou sisters were shown to be clearly weak and have poor teamwork. Yet here they’re on par with Gakuran.

And there was much rejoicing.

Flawless perfection, I wish Sayaka was getting as much screentime as Sae.

Noone wants to fight, they just end up fighting because you keep meddling Nezumi!

Destroy them, Gekikara! I really hope she does next episode. If Gekikara is defeated, them yes, the Rappappa really will be a laughing stock. Especially if she’s defeated by this lot.

Bet you Shaku is gonna turn out to be the Torigoya of the current Rappappa and be really strong.
I might cry if that’s true.

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  • 1. business  |  May 18, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Reply 123 on January 27 2010 06 11 36 PM ………………………………………………..I didnt watch the raws this time and seems like there were quite a few bits I missed during the airing.Highlights for me were – Gakuran acting all cool but being somewhat shy in front of Daruma.


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