Majisuka Gakuen 2 Ep3

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Man, it’d been ages since I posted anything. But I need somewhere to fangirl over Majisuka Gakuen 2, so here we are.

Didn’t write up the first two eps, but basically:

I refuse to acknowledge Shaku as part of the Four Heavenly Queens over Choukoku and in fact the character annoys me so much it’s actually making my dislike Miichan.

The fact that Shibuya betrayed MajiJo to join Yabakune hurts my soul.

The extra Yuuko’s running around irritate me a lot. Not as much as Lyle Dylandy replacing Neil Dylandy did, but close to that.

Mukuchi is so fierce I can’t even.

So, Yabakune are starting a war with MajiJo, with Shibuya at the helm. Knowing MajiJo are losing face and the Tsu-group are causing discord amongst the underclassmen, the Kabuki Sisters set out for Yabakune. They lose against Shibuya, but not without putting up a really good fight that MajiJo almost definitely won’t acknowledge.
Nezumi goes to reason with Shibuya, but I guess Shibuya remembers how ‘helpful’ Nezumi was last year, because she destroys her. Team Hormone grow balls and attempt to get revenge, and even though they’re beaten, they rise in Nezumi’s eyes. Seeing the state of her lesbian lover, Jurina sets out to Yabakune. This all seems part of Nezumi’s masterplan, because she is a maniac.

Yes! Go, Kabuki Sisters! Throughout the last episode, all I could think was, wasn’t their shtick last season that they went around fighting girls from other scholls, including Yabakune? Is it because they gave up their lone wolf status and joined Rappappa that they can’t do that anymore?

Their faces seeing Shibuya’s betrayal. T.T

Hooray, since I refuse to call them Nou-Kyougen Sisters in the first place.

So basically atm we’ve got the Rappappa led by Otabe/Atsuko, Tsu-group led by Jurina/Nezumi, and Yabakune led by Shibuya. It’s interesting because obviously Tsu-group want control of Rappappa, but if Rappappa are bested by Yabakune they become worthless. So Jurina has to intervene against Shibuya.

For a moment she paused and I thought she might be feeling remorse over fighting her ex-kohai. But no.
I really do think the Kabuki Sisters put up a good fight though. It was difficult, because unlike the first season, where the very strong Atsuko basically took out everyone in the series one-by-one, here we’ve got all the people she beat going agaist one another. And they’re all meant to be strong in their own right. It’s genuinely difficult to know who’ll win these fights.
Which is why Jurina is such a shit characters. She’s basically Atsuko 2.0, except not as strong as Atsuko because Atsuko is Atsuko after all.

Come back to this drama! And bring Daruma with you! Srsly, you’re supposed to be the main characters.

Unsurprisingly, it was Nezumi sneaking around, photographing everyone and stirring shit constantly.

Loved this scene. And not just because of Sae and Rena. Gekikara and Shibuya were both close last year, and they both mad admired Yuuko. Especially Shibuya, who, alongside Sado, help Yuuko the most in the final episode. And now Shibuya’s destroying Yuuko’s legacy and Gekikara can’t understand why. I think it’s probably because Shibuya hates Atsuko and can’t stand her being the one to be acknowledged by Yuuko but idk.

Ugh Nezumi fuck off. I hate Nezumi as a character, and tbqh Mayuyu creeps me out too.

And I’m not mad on Otabe either! I totally sided with Gakuran during the stand-off, it’s no wonder she wanted to go out and do something.

Watching this scene, all I could think was ‘Beat her Shibuya! You know you want to!’ And she did, and it was great.

Aw, Gekikara staring at Shibuya’s Rappappa graduation picture. They were friends.

Finally Wota doing something useful as the leader of Team Hormone. It’s weird, in the first season Team Hormone weren’t a weak team. They were comedy relief, but they were clearly able to beat Daruma and they tried with Atsuko as well. Why are they so scared of fighting now?
Poor writing, obviously.

Fuck yes Mukuchi. Fell in love with Komori Mika because of this drama.

Lying bitch, but this scene was sort of sweet.

Aw. Even though I dislike Jurina and Mayuyu and the characters they play, this was cute. BFF-verging-on-lovers.

Lovely direction here. The direction and camera-work have taken a huge leap from last season. I guess because of AKB48’s ever-increasing popularity and budget.

Of course. Spend an episode making me think ‘Maybe Nezumi’s not so bad’, then reveal everything to have been part of her scheme all along.

I’m guessing the reason her part is so much bigger this year is because of her ranking jump. 7th place got her a part in the Big 4, 3rd place got her the part of the main rival! And we’re taking number one this year, right Tomochin!?

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