Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt 12

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So I went on hiatus in October, planning to start posting again in November. Unfortunately college took over. After 8 months of working aimlessly, going back to college was more troublesome than I’d expected. I’m a little more on top of things now though. I was planning to start posting again in the new year.
Then this happened.

Everytime my interest in this show wanes, it pulls something that draws me back in. In this case revealing my least favourite character is in fact super hot. (and a really intersting plot twist + cliff hanger, but lets be real. It’s the hot guy.)
I’m such a shallow shoujo fan.
Of course, now I’m completely torn between my hatred of his irritating character, and my extreme adoration of romance. I don’t want him to get together with Panty – except when I was watching the episode and cheering them on. Reminds me with my love/hate relationship with HYD. I still love Rui/Tsukushi at the start of the series, even though I know later on I’ll be screaming at Tsukasa’s mother for interfering with his relationship with Tsukushi.
Couples are complicated.

Panty was fabulosity. She should have her hair down all the time. And those wings, and the tiara, the dress, the pearls… She was so pretty.

But, Panty’s characterisation did… irritate me a little this episode. First she had to get rescued (by Brief of all people!), then she goes all submissive and basically sleeps (or tries to) with Brief, because he rescued her, and he was there, and… I don’t know. I get that she was shaken up, by her powers not working, and being seperated from her sister. But I really disliked how useless she became.
Panty is fierce! Let her be fierce!

Massive dislike of Brief’s character vs massive love of Brief’s face <- Hina's inner struggle commence

It’s a good thing you didn’t manage to copulate with Brief.
Maybe for you Garterbelt. I was less pleased.

Seriously. Panty. Radient in this episode. I don’t understand why she’s the less popular sister, she’s awesome!

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