Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo 07

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I hate that drama subs are so slow compared to anime subs.

btw I finally started using the tumblr mero and nessa made me make. So here if you’re interested.

He was such a creeper in this scene.

Look at their faces! Jack’s face!
Why are the boys so much more hilarious than the girls? Apart from Kinrei, can’t wait ’till her episode and we find out she’s working as a hostess or something.

I find it weird that Paul’s working as an English teacher, but isn’t fluent in Japanese. I do know that’s not unusual, but, it seems so… Noone is learning languages properly.

Waiting ’till his girlfriends back is turned to flip off Haruko.
Also, his English accent was so cute! If you compare his English to the Engrish of the girls he was talking to…

This was the best part of the episode. Haruko ropes in Bob, Luca and Jack to prove to Paul is girlfriend is only interested in him because he’s foreign. Bob was totally pimp, but Luca and Jack were SO AWKWARD! XD I would love to be on the set of this drama, it must be amazing.

I really love Haruko’s style in the drama. It very on-trend. The headbow, which has been massive this year, distressed denim, maxi dresses, playsuits, florals, very pink blush, all huge this year in Shibuya. +1 to the NnSN stylists. I can really believe Haruko is a gyaru/shopstaff.

One of the sponsers is wc! I did wonder, because Haruho has a pretty pop-kei look. Love wc!

Off to stalk Naka Riisa’s ameblo for set pics~ XD

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