2NE1 ‘Clap Your Hands’ + ‘Go Away’ + ‘Can’t Nobody’

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2NE1 are I think, the first Korean band ever to promote three songs at once. It a big deal, and YG are spending major money on promotions.
I really love 2NE1, and the ‘To Anyone’ album is great. Pretty gutted I’m unemployed right now, because I want it.

First of all, released on the 9th, Clap Your Hands. My least favourite of the 3 tracks. I don’t realy feel the song, and the video is pretty boring too. A lot of people were disappointed when it was released, because this was such a hyped album. The fact that they’re reusing the ‘Fire’ MV set, and so blatently… And I think reusing the ‘Follow Me’ set as well.
Minzi looks so hot with long hair, even if her exte are pretty obvious. I think all the girls look hot. Very unusual for a concept where all members of a band look good. There’s always one member who seems to have pissed off the stylist. (YBs dreads, Dongho’s dreads, Dara’s palm tree hair, Hyoyeon always…)
There’s also a major lack of Bom in this MV. She doesn’t make a real appearance until over a minute in. WTF is that?PhotobucketIt’s a shame because her lines are the best!
I guess it’s just not a visually interesting MV. The camera work is dull, and much of it is just the girls singing towards the camera and some half-hearted choreo. CL is the only member fierce and energetic enough to pull it off; say what you want about her, she works the camera.
Oh, this is funny. There are rumours all over that the back-up dancers and Big Bang in disguise! To be honest, I did think that when I first saw them too. Then I quickly dismissed it, because, come on, noone wants TOP as their backup. He can barely pull off his own choreo, poor love.PhotobucketI think it would be so cute though, I really hope it’s true. Rumours of Se7en as backup as well…

I don’t know what it is about YGFamily and stalkers. The number of Big Bang videos where the boys are stalking some girl… I don’t really mind. At least in this video it’s shown to be a little creepy rather than romantic, and CL gets punched for it. I just love CL is the centre of attention in a vid for once. Her acting at the beginning is pretty atrocious though.
Why do I think Minzi is the hottest member? Why am I like this over a 15 year old? Hmmm, there are no members I find unattractive though. Bom looks great with red hair. I like that their faces are shown more here, as opposed to ‘Clap Your Hands’ MV.
This MV overall seems to have higher production values than CYH.
Oh, this song has THE BEST LINES from CL.
Fiancé? Beyonce, I’m walking out of destiny
All you do is act a fool
You ain’t shit without your crew

I want you ain’t shit without your crew as my message tone.
Still not enough Bom in.
I love the girls friendship in this. No matter what CL does, they stick by her. Minzi is the one to go driving with, and Dara is the cool unni to go drinking with. Hot in those glasses Dara!

ANYWAY. Sitting here at 4am, waiting for ‘Can’t Nobody’ to be released. Oh, being a fangirl, it’s hard work.
What to do as I wait? Watching 7th ep of Nihonjai no Shiranai Nihongo. I love this drama so much! So fuuny, and it’s good at 30 minutes as well. Don’t really have the attention span to watch for an hour, sorry. That’s why I’m so behind on Playful Kiss. (Another great drama.)
Ah, just found out Kenzo and Yumehito have formed a session band? What is this life? Still sad Ayabie split, sorry… And looks like a Momusu scandal: Reina might have a bf! I know it’s probably bullshit, but omfg, if it’s true… And she has to leave… Junjun, Linlin, Eri + Reina leave, then Momusu will have, like, two talented members left. And Aika will still be in! Why is Aika still in? WTF is going on with the world?
This what I do btw, just follow kpop/jpop/jrock news all night.
Update from YG: MV won’t be out for another two hours. Delays from YG, what a surprise. This better be good YG!

6:00 am: Whoo it’s out!

First of all, let me just say I really prefer the English version of the song. Bitch you aint got shit on me: CL is so fierce. She doesn’t even try.
So happy to see the return of crazy outfit CL! 40 secs in, that freakish tubed shirt, wtf was that? I almost thought we’d get an album with a normal concept. but no. I feel outfit-wise, this MV is the most 2NE1.Photobucket
How can Minzy be only 15? What… Look at her moving her body! I feel dirty. And in that black suit… Bom’s rainbow eyemake would get a lot of love over at m_c, including from me.
The end of the song, where the beat changes and makes you want to jump arounf like a loon, it’s my favourite part of the song. But in the MV, it’s so boring. Plus the girls costumes are ridic. I expect that kind of outfit from jpop tbh.
Overall, not as good as ‘Go Away’ which is becoming my favorite track.

I wanna go to bed but the girls comback is on Inkigayo in an hour, so… Gonna reserve a spot in the lounge live.

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