Shipping in Nihonjin no Nihongo Shirinai

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I have no idea why but my internet is pretty poor today. One manga vol from MF has taken about 30 minutes to dl. WTF is that. I expect this from SS but not MF. I’m reluctant to totally blame my internet because DF is totally fine for dling, about 150kb/s which is pretty impresive for DF. Whereas MF is lurking at 30kb/s. And my torrents are all going slower than usual as well. Spent half the day dling Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Unubore Deka.Photobucket(Ikuta Toma and Hongo Kanata make even these troubles worthwhile.) Not even going to try uling anything right now.

ANYWAY I was watching the sixth episode of Nihonjin no Shirinai Nihongo (aka the jdrama that even people who don’t like jdramas are watching and if you are a non-Japanese interested in Japan you should be watching too) and oh my god, I did not realise how much I love shipping.

I mean, I do love shipping. I love shoujo manga, I am all over couples and dating and those stupid easily-and-yet-rarely-cleared-up misunderstandings. But I’m watching NnSN and there is no obvious love interest for Haruko for the first 5 episodes. I mean sometimes Shibuya-sensei was being overtly caring, but he could just be looking out for a fellow teacher, and besides Catherine likes Shibuya and if shoujo manga has taught me anything it’s that heroines will very rarely get guys that their friends like first. Plus Shibuya isn’t really good-looking enough to be the main love-interest. (Sorry Aoki Munetaka. Try cutting your hair next time.Photobucket)
And it actually really bothered me that I had noone to ship with Haruko. I don’t know if I’m just not used to not having a couple to root for or what, but I was practically shipping Haruko/Jack at one point.
(By the by, I think Jack is the best character in the series. He’s just so serious and normal compared to the rest of the cast of weirdos. I can’t wait ’till his episode. Kinrei and Paul are also hilarious. I think Ep7 is Paul’s episodes, so can’t wait for that.PhotobucketI feel I should like Luca, because he’s cute. And sometimes good-looking. I can’t quite decide if he’s good-looking or not.)

And then Fumio turns up. And I immediately rejoiced there was someone to ship Haruko with. And then started crying inside because turning up at this stage in the game basically rules him out as a serious contender. Had he turned up in the first episode, had he turned up towards the end, had he not turned up till now BUT had been mentioned/wanted by/pined over by Haruko, then yes, he could be a possibility.
Or alternatively, if NnSN was the type of drama to take a risk and do something out of the ordinary, but I doubt it. There are very, very few series, manga or anime or jdrama, in which those rules do not apply.

Naka Riisa was so pretty in this scene.PhotobucketAnyway, at this point you can tell Shibuya likes Haruko. Getting all protective of her.PhotobucketGo away Shibuyu, she can flirt with Fumio herself.

I mean, Funio is obviously not supposed to be a character we support. He’s trying to pull Haruko away from her students and friends. But because I am so romance-deprived in this series, I was actually supporting him! I seriously wanted Haruko to make up with him. Geez, my brain…

I wonder if we’ll see Fumio turn up in a later episode?
And if anyone cares, yes I want Shibuya to get together with Catherine.

Completely true. I wonder how many Japanese watching this show really believe all foreigners are like this? I wonder how many people go to Japan seriously believing this?

*off to rewatch YAB before I watch Gumiho*

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