Lc5 ‘Loveless’ + Download

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FIRST OF ALL, I would like to thank Lc5 for introducing me to Sato (adorable) and Yumeji (hot).
Miku… Oh my gawd Miku! So good-looking. I just want to rip that white shirt off him. His voice is ~dreamy~. Photobucket Sometimes it feels like he’s trying a bit too hard to keep it that deep though.
Wish there was more of the other members.
My feelings on this… I feel the same way I did about Kakusei Heroism PV when it was released. It’s a beautiful PV. But we don’t exactly learn a lot about the members personalities through it.
Towards the end of the PV, I was really loving the clips of Miku singing, because they were the only times he seemed to be smiling. I just enjoy music more if it seems like the band are actually enjoying themselves.

Now this is a side of Miku we don’t see… ever. Dark and brooding. I see he’s overplucking his eyebrows again though.Photobucket

I hate to be shallow except not really but I could just watch them glaring all day.

Is that tattoo real? Is it new? I know I’ve been out of the loop the last… idk, all of 2009, basically. I love tattoo’s, so no hate here.


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