7 Seeds ch50

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Oh god, every time I read a new chapter of 7 Seeds, I get butterflies, because I know it’s going to be thrilling and beautiful and angst and love.
btw, updated 7 Seeds dl with chs 48, 49, 50.

But they’re all right.
Or so you think! Oh my, how could he think anyone could be all right after all that? And then right after this he gets his comeuppance. Oh, his shocked face is just… brilliant. I love seeing unflappable bastards surprised. (Hence my complete joy at Aizen in Bleach recently.)

The winners. Ryo, Nijiko, Gengoro, Ben, Koruri, Madonna, Ango. No Shigeru *sob sob*

Look what you’ve done to your precious students, Kaname! I really cannot wait to see how they fare in the outside world. (Andd by outside world I mean barren wasteland that is now Japan.)

Is Kaname the mystery guy with group Summer B? I expect so. I wonder what will happen when he meets Summer A. Or Hana-chan.

Takahashi is Hana’s mysterious dad. And it’s totally his fault Hana ended up on the island.

Holy fucking shit, this man. Unami is so obnoxious, I’d be completely unable to live with him. I’d have killed him… Honestly, when he was yelling at the chosen seven right at the end of the final test, if I was Koruri or Ryo, I’d have killed him right then, legit.
Nijiko and Ryo’s shocked faces in this scene. Classic.

Do it Koruri, Gengoro! You know you want to!

Loved Ryo taking charge of Ban and relieving him of the burden of Unami’s death. Ryo’s not such a bad guy. He acts like a cold jerk, but under pressure you can see he doesn’t like needless death. Compare his handling of Shigeru’s death. He acted like he was ok killing Shigeru, it was for the greater good. (And it was. Him killing Shigeru vs Shigeru + Ango falling their deaths.) But he was really pretty shaken up about it, because Shigeru was a pure and good person.
On the other hand, killing Unami doesn’t affect him as much, because Unami is a heartless bastard who does nothing but hurt Ryo’s comrades.

I’m not the biggest fan of Tamura Yumi’s art style. The tones… I know it is very shoujo, but it also looks pretty cluttered and messy. Together with the sketchy, quick linework… That said, I do think it’s perfect for 7 Seeds. 7 Seeds is a dark and messy series. And you can’t deny Tamura’s art has atmosphere.

Onwords! To the next chapter!
I wonder what comes next? More of Summer A? Back to Spring or Summer B? It feels like a long time since we’ve seen Spring, but I want more Summer! Love Natsu/Semimaru/Arashi friendship!

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