BIG BANG ‘Beautiful Hangover’ + Sistar ‘Shady Girl’

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Let me just say, BB can do NO WRONG in my eyes. Everything about this release is great. The MV, the song, the choreo, the concept, every single member… All perfect.
Whoever decided to cast Daesung as a drug dealer deserves a medal. The scene where he’s propositioning YB and then sings Kiss my lips… Good lord, fanfic fodder for the fangirls. There’s a lot of sexual tension in this vid. GD/girl, YB/girl, Dae/YB, Dae/GD, GD/YB. Ri gets to watch from his computers, I guess. (but not as much as Haru Haru.) YB dancing at 1:25; my god I love watching him move.
My only problem with BB MVs (and it’s not even really a problem) is that they do tend to revolve around GD. Or GD and TOP, or occaisionally GD and YB. But ultimately it is usually GD!!! and Taeyang and TOP and those other two guys. This isn’t really a complaint from me, because TOP and GD are my biases. But I do always feel bad for Ri and Dae.
That said, GD looks fucking amazing in this MV. He should keep his hair in this style forever (except that’s what I always say when he changes his hair apart from that tragic long hair in curtains style he had late last year) and he should definitely always wear glasses.
I’m so excited, delighted; I won’t deny it nor fight it. GD’s english is always a pleasure to listen to. It absolutely made ‘I Need a Girl’.
Oh wait, I do have another complaint: not enough Tabi. I know he’s injured (DDDD:) and so couldn’t take place in the dance scenes* but I, and a million other fangirls, would have been perfectly happy to just watch him sitting in a chair. Although I guess that sitting in a chair looking fuckable is TOP’s part in this MV.
The girl seriously reminds me of Kaya Scodelario. Except if Kaya had a wonky nosejob.
Drug Dealer Dae is turning me on SO FUCKING MUCH RN. As is Drug Lord/God Seungri. And Geeked-up GD. And GQMF Suit Wearing TOP. And Stumbling/High/Drugged-out/Drunk Taeyang. There’s something wrong with me, it’s been hours since I watched it the first time and I CAN BARELY BREATHE RIGHT NOW OHMYGAH.
*Not that cutting him out of the dance breaks are a major loss or anything.

Their Korean comeback cannot come fast enough.

Heechul is the best part of this MV, hands down. Not that the rest isn’t great too. Especially Hyorin, whose hair is now exactly the same as mine. Except mine is longer at the back. Really dislike Dasom’s hair. The style is too, old, I think, for her, and she can’t really pull off blonde like Hyorin.
The dance scenes on the aeroplane were presh. The chorus is my favourite part of the song. I love how different this is from ‘Push Push’. In comparison to Secret, who released ‘Magic’ and ‘Madonna’, which were both identical, sorry to say. I do think Sistar have a lot of talent and I hope they do well.
Can’t wait to see this promoted.
The storyline of the MV is so cute as well. Heechul at the end… Why does he never get to let out his diva in MVs, ever?

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