SuG ‘R.P.G.~Rockin’ Playing Game’ + alice nine. ‘Senkou’ + THE KIDDIE ‘smile’

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I’ve had such a love-hate relationship with SuG. When they originally debuted at PSC along with Screw, I loved them. I loved Scheat, I LOVED Alterna. (Quick side-note: How much has Takeru changed since Scheat? SuG were proper vk then.) But by n0iZ stAr I was fairly burnt out on vk. In fact I didn’t really listen to vk for like, all of 2009. Other than AnCafe, of course.Photobucket
But recently, SuG are just what I’m looking for in vk. I’ve done the whole, ‘pretty boys playing vaguely depressing tunes and swaying in front of a camera.’ I’m looking for a band that entertains. Which, ultimately, is SuG. Ever since Alterna, in fact, I don’t think they’ve let me down on that.
So. RPG. (I am not typing out that name the whole time.Photobucket) I don’t love the messy, unrefined noise SuG have been doing lately. But I’m sure I mentioned that last time SuG came up here. I love Takeru’s hair! Men who can make me laugh, men with great smiles, men with ponytails. Turn-on. And Takeru has all three in this PV. The two-tone is cool too, very in right now. I’m contemplating two-toneing my hair to cover the poor dead ends… I love Shinpei’s outfit, he’s just so cute on drums.
This is not their most entertaining PV. I guess those scenes of Takeru walking along with monsters break up the boredom a bit, and the shots of the boys posing in front of the cameras are ADORABLE. I’d be happy with an entire PV of that, tbh.
This is the OP for Fairy Tail, the 4th OP I believe. I really hate Fairy Tail. I’m not a huge shounen fan. (As if you couldn’t guess.) But I have read a decent amount of the manga, 10 or 15 volumes. And I couldn’t really see how SuG would fit with Fairy Tail. So, upon checking out the OP… I was right!PhotobucketFairy Tail’s OP animation is just a load of scenes of the characters posing, signature attacks, and scenes from the series. There’s absolutely no effort made to match the animation with the music at all. Photobucket

Bu the way, I’m almost killing myself for being on holiday during SuG TV…

Alice Nine – Senkou PV
Uploaded by blacknightsky. – See the latest featured music videos.
Oh look, a jrock PV featuring the band standing playing as the camera pans around them. What a surprise.
Generic PV. After watching this I actually had to go watch a9’s Shunkashuutou PV to make up for it. Did you know, in Shunkashuutou, there is not one scene of Shou singing into the camera? Nor any of the others playing? (Other than the scene at the end which doesn’t count and you know it.) I literally cannot name another vk PV like that. Not one. VK NEEDS MORE STORY PVs! I know vk’s appeal comes from the looks of the band, but Shunkashuutou is one of a9’s most popular PVs so it’s not like it did them any harm at all. The opposite, in fact. School uniforms…Photobucket
As for the song… I dislike it. But. I very rarely like a9’s recent stuff on first listen. For example, I pretty much hated all of Vandalize when I first listened to the CD. I’m just such a massive fan of a9’s old stuff, even Time Machine, and I very rarely like bands debut singles. But now, a year and a half on, I love Vandalize. I love RAINBOWS, Kiss twice, the beautiful name. So I do hiiighly expect that Senkou will grow on me. In time. A loooot of time.
Also, PSC are doing an absolutely stellar job of keeping Senkou off youtube. Photobucket

Sorry THE KIDDIE but SID had the best ‘smile’ PV of all time.
Man, I remember when THE KIDDIE dubuted. kyou was so excited for them, pimping them all over. My entire taste in visual-kei basically comes from kyou, and my entire taste in JE comes from SVL. I can’t believe THE KIDDIE haven’t released an album yet.
Anyway. As soon as this PV started, I had high hopes. It shares the same name as a SID song, it must be good! It doesn’t seem to just feature the boys performing in front of a green screen, it must be good!
The fact is, Yusa is so cute, when he tells me to smile, I will. And just by smiling, I feel I like this song more. The ‘smile, smile, smile’ chorus… Should be my phones text tone or something. I could listen to it all day. The more I listen to this song, the more I love it, the happier I become. Photobucket Success!
The PV itself though… It’s not boring, I’ll give it that. What it is, is so weird and disjointed, I don’t know what to make of it. The band annoying giant heads, dancing on teacups, micronisms through a microscope… WTF is going on here?

btw, SID’s smile PV. Being weird seems to be a theme amongst songs named smile… But look how happy the boys are! I can’t believe they were still trying to call themselves vk at this point… Mao and Aki look so great.Photobucket

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