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I want to get back into the anime love. I was a little washed out last month, but a three-week break has got me craving anime again. Unfortunately I’m only watching Shiki and K-ON!! Luckily both are very much fulfilling my needs.

I actually prefer Megumi now. Aside from the fact that the slight changes to her design since becoming a vampire make her much prettier, I also think she’s an easier character to enjoy like this. Well, Megumi was originally a self-centered and spoiled type of girl. I personally love that type of character, but I know that’s not a common view. And now she seems to have two emotions: (blood)lust and pure one-sided love.
That said, I can’t feel sorry for her. Um, girl, you killed your love interest’s best friend in front of him. What did you think would happen?
(Also, surely the thing to do would have been to bite Nagano, and bring him over to the vampire side? Rather than essentially grant immortality to someone she hates?)

Fierce, stunning, beautiful, flawless, etc

I don’t know what it is but I like the big dark eyes. Although I get serious Nakamura Asumiko vibes from this series. I actually looked up the staff to see if she’d had anything to do with it. Pulled out my old EGL Bibles and everything.

I wonder how aware Sunako is of the trouble she’s causing? Is she like a child, believing her life to be standard? She acts completely innocent and trusting when she’s with Seishin, in comparison to her parents, who’s words in the third episode hold a double meaning to those aware of their intentions. Or is she more like Claudia of the ‘Interview with a Vampire’ series, a grown woman trapped within a childs body, using her cuteness and naivette to her advantage? It depends on which ‘rules’ of vampies Shiki uses. I haven’t read the manga, so I don’t know, but I’m interested to find out. Although many different countries and cultures use blood-sucking demons as a source of horror, they all have different myths surrounding them. And as a result, there are no hard and fast ‘rules’. (Just look at the vampires from Twilight – out in the day! I ask you…)
For example, the vampires obviously suck blood – likely as a food source, but also as a way of killing. They can only come out at night. Those bitten later turn into vampires themselves. Extremely common and well-known vampire facts. What I’m interested in is the liklihood that the Shiki vamps don’t seem to be able to enter the dwellings of othes without being invited. A lesser known or used ‘rule’. I suspect that’s why Natsuni is safe from Megumi standing outside his window, unable to enter. She was able to get into Tohru’s – she was likely a friend of his and had been invited to his home before. The blue-haired boy she was with aquired an invitation to Tohru’s by helping him get back a lost coin. The Kirishiki’s manage to get themselves invited into the homes of their victims back in episode three.
I appreciated that little attention to detail in Shiki. It wasn’t overly obvious, but if you’re aware of it, it’s there.

I was wondering if/how the village could possibly believe that it was vampires and not a disease killing inhabitants. But I suspect the older and more superstitious could be convinced of the Risen.

Oh god, the Risen are here.

I wonder how long before the medical staff cop it?
And green-haired-girl-who’s-name-I’m-too-tired-too-remember’s hair? Jesus. How is she doing that? That hair isn’t even trying to make sense.

Take it from someone who works with drug-addicts and has seen her fair share of used needles – if there is any chance of being pricked by a needle; you’re disposing of them wrong! This show has obviously done a fair amount of medical research, but they make on obvious mistake like this?

Trust me Nagano I am equally interested in the effects of crosses on vampires. Also, garlic and stakes.

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