Taeyang ‘I Need a Girl’ + ‘You’re My’ + Super Junior ‘No Other’

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I’m so, so thankful Taeyang’s album is good. It’s been delayed since last autumn, so it’s had a lot of hype, moreso even than GD’s solo debut last year. And it lived up to the hype, so no angry fan backlash.
I love ‘I Need a Girl’. The song. Hate the MV. It’s boring. And seeing Taeyang getting felt up by a bunch of women is just… awkward. I guess because he’s built his image upon being really shy around girls, never having had a girlfriend, etc. So it feels weird suddenly seeing him as a casanova. Even if he does see to be enjoying it. It’s a lot nicer seeing him with Dara. I’m glad she was included in the MV, seems much more down to earth and suited to Taeyang.
I love listening to idols speak English well. Taeyang’s “I’m sick of being alone. Sick of being single. I think I need me a girl.” and GD’s “I love girls. Girls I do adore” are my fave lyrics of the song. Especially GD. I love you too GD!
This is a song that’s better being performed live. Taeyang can dance… There’s nothing sexier than a man that can dance. So jealous of Jihye for being able to dance with him.

‘You’re My’ has only been performed as a short as part of YB’s comeback. I think it can be a little boring… But again, Taeyangs English improves it. ‘You’re my chocolate, the sweetest chocolate, I really wanna have you…’ Oh my heart.
It’s awkward to hear live though. I don’t think Taeyangs voice is really suited to be so high… Sorry YB!

No MV of SuJu’s ‘No Other’. Not that it matters, live perfs are more than acceptable. Because watching them… Look at how bloody happy they are! Eeteuk’s grin is creepily wide. (Not that Eeteuk needs help being creepy.) Apart from Heechul, but he’s too fierce to smile during a performance. Who do you think he is?
I love the choerography too. It’s basic, and a little like a girl group performance at times, but I love all the homages to old dances of SuJu. (Sorry Sorry hands in particular jumped out at me @3:10.) And then right after that, Eunhyuk starts dancing, followed by Shindong and Donghae, then Eeteuk, Siwon and the rest… It all flowed really well and looked really good, like everyone was at ease and enjoying themselves. Apart from Heechul, who is of course stuck at the back so he can’t ruin anything.
Eeteuk’s ‘saranghae’ during the lives… Love love love! I’m making it sound like Teuk is my bias here. But he just really shines in this song. I think Kyuhyun is becoming my SuJu bias, after Heechul. And Donghae too. So cute!
There’s a really amazing performance of ‘No Other’ from, I think, Mubank. Just… Brokeback Mountain the musical. Denim and cowboy boots everywhere. Let me find it.

Thank you youtube. This will be taken down I’m sure, but you should see it. ‘Music Bank July 03 2010 Super Junior No Other’.
Although Donghae looks criminal in that white tshirt.

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