Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 01

July 4, 2010 at 12:20 am 1 comment

Almost didn’t watch this series, but it’s getting so much attention, I gave in. Yes, well, we all know how well I respond to peer-pressure.

Adorable. Evil. She is the only reason I’m actually watching this show.
That and her hair is coral. CORAL. My favourite colour!

I can already tell I’m going to have so much to say about the outfits. Photobucket I love anime girls and customized school uniforms.
Ringo… Almost lolita. Ryoko… Definitely yanki. I really, really want to make a Shimotsuma Monogatari comparison here. Maybe if Ringo’s family turn out to be yakuza or something.
Speaking of Shimono, I’d kill for an anime for that. Kill. Momoko and Ichiko running around, solving problems with love and friendship. The epic search for Emma… Why hasn’t this happened?

Love anime for keeping sukeban alive. Sukeban and bancho are, for some reason, a favourite character archtype of mine. Actually, all sort of yanki, yakuza, bosuzoku… I love criminals.

Ah, those thighs. Photobucket Ryoko’s skirt is… Very similar to Shiina’s from Angel Beats. Except obviously has to be long. She’s a delinquent, after all. The short skirt underneath is another cute touch. Layering is always fashionable, but more importantly, adds detail to otherwise simple character designs. I don’t understand the neckscarf though. It’s not cute.
Akai obviously has the Red Riding Hood cloak. The puffy skirt, I think is adorable. Luckily she’s short and DFC, so no worries of the ‘pregnant look’.

Love the almost-matching colours of her hair, eyes and shirt. Subtle, so as not to be over-powering. Indigo is another favourite colour of mine. I love shows with bright, clear colours.

Maid. Tea. Talent.
Admit it, first thing you thought of was Mikuru too.

Incredibly hot guy appears for all of 3 seconds. WTF are you doing, get yourself into the main cast.

Seriously, at this point we have already been shown Urashima. Obviously, the main male wasn’t going to measure up. But this dishrag? jfc…Photobucket

THIGHS. AGAIN. I’LL FORGIVE JCSTAFF FOR THE SHIT MALE LEAD IF THEY KEEP THIS UP. And I refuse to believe Ryoko would wear frills to bed.
Do all Japanese school dorms follow this exact set-up? Because I’m rewatching Utena right now, (and remembering why I hated it so much initially) and the dorms in that are furnished exactly the same.
The only other dorms whose room I have memorised… I guess HanaKimi’s are different.

I’m glad than even though Ringo is short and DFC, they let her have a personality other than coy and innocent. She’s a tease! I love it. But it looks unlikely she’ll get any love action…

Oh, look at that, a club dedicated to helping out/solving problems of students. That hasn’t been one a thousand times before.
My favourite of such clubs is the Sket Dan. Least favourite is probably the student council of CLAMP School Detectives. Feminists, my ass…

Why is every female student wearing a different school uniform? And half of them don’t even seem to wear a uniform at all?
Girl on the left’s uniform definitely reminds me of someone…

You don’t see enough cute mad scientist girls in anime anymore. I have fond memories… Well ok, I have memories of Washu. Speaking of mad science; Icchan! I remember a good friend of mine used to obsess over Icchan… Thanks to her, he is who I think of if we’re talking anime mad science.

Oh wow. Definite improvment with hair out the eyes.
But not Urashima level.

Flies out of a crashed pumpkin, manages to turn it into a slick move. Why hasn’t the Otogi Bank recruited this chick?

Oh nooooooo… And they were doing so well! Just had to set up a strong and independant female character… Who still needs to be saved by her (weak and useless) love interest. Of course. God, if I wanted this, I’d be reading shoujo manga. I spend my life, searching for shoujo series that defy this trend. (Shockingly hard.)
This is the type of thing that will make me stop whatever I’m watching and seriously consider if I’m enjoying it. I decided to give Ookami the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see how later episodes fare.

Ringi breaking up this pair. She approves the pairing though. Unfortunate, since I think a RingoxRyoko couple would be better received by, well, just about everyone.

Really don’t know whether to continue the series or not. Quirky side characters, decent animation, LOVE the character designs. Unfortunately, plot is cliche as hell, and the narrotor makes me want to watch with the sound off. I thought SHINee Hello Baby’s narrator was bad enough… Old women with creaky voices, who wants to listen to that?

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  • 1. moeronpan  |  July 4, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Haha, I got mentioned xD

    I agree though DAMN I hated the narrator in this. It was so unfunny and pointless. 8|
    …I kinda like the lead guy though, but I seem to have a thing for dorky useless guys for some reason.


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