MUCC ‘Yakusou’ + Orange Caramel ‘Magic Girl’ + D-NA ‘Bituel Bituel’ + Sistar ‘Push Push’

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This song is beautiful. The PV isn’t my thing, but I don’t care, Yakusou is THAT good. Tatsurou’s voice… I melt, I really do. Although I don’t love Tatsurou’s hair right now, I’ll forgive him. I also appreciate the fact that the instruments aren’t incredibly overpowering. Especially in younger bands, there’s a tendency towards loud and clashing guitars and drums, I guess to emphasise energy. That’s ok, especially in loves, but I prefer this.
This is the OP for Senko no Night Raid. And it actually makes me want to watch the anime. This is what OPs should be. Not just for fans of a series, they should stand out independant of anime.

Afterschool are an 8 member band, designed to emulate the Morning Musume model – as well as performing as a group, they also split into sub-groups for certain projects. After performing as a group for more than a year, Raina, Lizzy and Nana have split into sub-group Orange Caramel.
As soon as they were announced, fans were theorizing OC would be a cute-image group along the lines of Kara. And they were right. The first thing I thought of when OC came out in those dresses was the ‘Honey’ MV.

To be frank I prefer the styling of ‘Honey’. XP Sorry Orange Caramel.
I don’t hate the song though. I don’t love it, but I have a feeling it will grow on me if I see it performed. (Which seems to happen to me a lot with kpop.)
Also, it’s been pointed out that this has a VERY jpop/H!P feel, which I completely agree with. ‘Magic Girl’ could easily be an old school magical girl ED. By the way, compare it to ℃-ute’s ‘Hare no Platinum Doori’.


I really want to call this ‘Binguel Binguel’. Photobucket Anyway, D-NA aren’t a band I pay much attention to. There have been SO MANY new bands debuting recently. Basically, anything after MBLEAST, I don’t know. CNBLUE, ZE:A, F.Cuz, Infinite, Sistar, Secret, One Way… So hard to keep track!
D-NA, aka The Boss… ok, wtf are they even called. I remember these shenanigans with Child of Empire/CoE/Jea/ZE:A. Pick a name, pick an acronym, it shouldn’t be hard.
ANYWAY. D-NA are all former members of Xing, a rotation band, again, similar to MoMu. Except these boys have all ‘graduated’ Xing. (Other former Xing members include U-KISS’s Kevin and Kibum, and B2ST’s Junhyun.) Xing are/were a good, solid band, so I had high hopes for D-NA. And I LOVE this song. Photobucket At first I thought it rather blah. But it’s grown on me a lot. And I’m a massive fan of the members. Karam especially. He’s precious. Mika is really good looking too. And Jay.
OK I love them all.
Shame I can’t say that about the PV. If you’re going to start with a story, at least stick with it throughout the PV! Don’t chamge to an (admitedly excellent) dance number!
D-NA claim to want to challenge. A dangerous thing to do, comparing yourself to the Asian superband with a super-powerful and easily insulted fanbase. I can see the DBSK influence though.

Fucking love this song. LOVE IT.
Sistar get compared A LOT to 2NE1. I can see why, but I don’t think it’s justified. Girlbands in kpop in general, fit into one of three ‘image groups’. Cute type; SNSD, Kara, T-ara. Sexy type; BEG, Afterschool. Fierce type; 2NE1, F(x), 4minute. There are some with mix it up, like WG, who I would call ‘sexy-cute’. I think Sistar is trying to be the fierce, independant type. So I can see why they’d be compared to 2NE1. They do admittedly dress a little similar, but 2NE1 don’t have dibs on street fashion. I think Sistar are better put together than 2NE1, who frequently look like hot messes. (I’m not hating – I LOVE 2NE1.)
My main reason for my obession for this song is how damn good they look performing it live.

Look at how much fun they have! Sistar clearly love performing, and I love watching them.

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