Angel Beats 11

June 13, 2010 at 7:58 pm 1 comment

No Yui, no Iwasawa… Galdemo is getting hit hard.
They are all very cute though. I think I’d definitely by a fan if they were real.

Love Hinata and Naoi lurking in the shadows. I wonder why Otonashi is so popular?

I want to know how Naoi figured it out. So far, only Yui and Iwasawa have disappeared. Otonashi clearly had nothing to do with Iwasawa, and was only with Yui for one day. It’s obvious to us because we’re watching from an outside perspective.
I also wonder why noone this episode commented on the loss of Yui. I guess there has been time passed between the episodes, but it still felt a little unnatural to me.

Oooooh, look at that incredibly suspicious shadow.

This was… actually scary as fuck. If I saw something like that coming towards me, I’d probably just put a bullet through my brain and be done.
That actually would work for the SSS, wouldn’t it? They die, escape the shadow, then reanimate later, shadow-free. Unless the shadows stand around and wait for the person to come back… Which seems weird. Photobucket
(Also, I’m not sure why but for some reason the shadows remind me of Gossamer from Looney Tunes.)

I remember in the first episode, everyone was so desperate to recruit Otonashi. And he turns around, aquires a harem and backstabs the rest of the group. Photobucket I love him.

Naoi is surprisingly useful. Even though it’s likely Yuri is just playing along.

I don’t understand what the relationship is supposed to be between Yuri and Kanade at this point in time. As far as Yuri was supposed to know, Kanade was ‘evil’. But they can have a nice sit-down chat about the state of the school? And the SSS can just invade Kanade’s bedroom – no, they actually ask for permission to invade her room. Which Kanade gives them. I know Kanade is only pretending to be evil, and Yuri is only pretending to believe Kanade is really evil, but this was all over the place.

Yuri is so pretty.Photobucket

Ah yes, the purely decorative wings.

Everyone in this series is too keen to leap off buildings at a moments notice.

Why are they walking right into the middle of the gang of shadows? Instead of sniping them from a safe distance; or even just not from the middle of an inescapable group of monsters.

I love TK so much. It’s too bad we aren’t going to get to see how he died. I can think of a million possibilities, each more ludicrous than the last.Photobucket

Oh no! Not the most minor of minor characters!!

Everone in this show gets shocked at the most obvious things.

Photobucket Becoming an NPC was a massive improvement.

Yuri sees all and knows all. Again, I wonder how. I feel like I’m missing an episode here. Episode 10.5, where the group mourn Yui, and Otonashi + Hinata force people to disappear in a variety of obvious ways.

I’m glad she thought about it logically instead of a kneejerk reaction of ‘How dare they go against the SSS?!’

Again, shocked at something everyone else figured out ages ago.

Kanade is so pretty.Photobucket

So Yuri is… Going off to fight the shadows? But the shadows are all over the school. It’s not like she’ll never see the gang again. She’s not running off to the mountains to fight shadows.

Will they choose to disappear? Will they choose to fight?
Looks like Takeyama is gonna disappear… Noda seems like he might stand by Yuri.
But even if they do choose to disappear… They still have to become happy and fulfilled. People don’t disappear just like that.

Well, he looks suspicious. And Jewish.
Seriously, what is that on his head?

If I was Yuri, I wouldn’t just be opening random hatches on the floor… In the dark… In a world inhabited by shadows and god knows what else. Who knew what could spring up from that hole?!

OK, this is just me, but… It seems like the culprit might be Matsushita? It just seems he was a major part of the ‘inner circle’ of the SSS. But he didn’t feature in this episode AT ALL. On top of that, you’d need to be strong in order to move the computers… I dunno. I can’t think of any reason he would have for trying to do in the SSS. But his absence is conspicuous. Photobucket Now I really can’t wait for next week.

is the name of the Cowboy Bebop movie, and you know it.

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  • 1. Kaurin  |  June 21, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    I love Naoi. He might be my favorite male character. That whole thumbs up scene just had me dying with laughter.


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