Durarara 21

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I don’t see why he couldn’t just admit it. Half of Ikebukuro is part of the Dollars at this point.

Taking advice from Izaya. Because that’s turned out SO FUCKING WELL for everyone so far. Can noone in this series tell that he’s completely sleazy?

Mother of… Authoritative and bitchy Kida is INCREDIBLY HOT. Photobucket

BAMFs, the pair of them.
Doesn’t this series just make you want to live in Ikebukuro?


Not gonna lie, I expected Kadota to choke on his drink right then. But Kadota is too cool for such shenanigans.

If only.

Oh, look who’ve remembered they’re main characters! It’s the terrifying twosome. Photobucket

Aw, great fashion on the Dollars. A Stetson? (Actually, I really like it. I love a lot of the clothes in Durarara. Mostly just outfits shown in passing, so I can’t really comment on it…)

Why is Kida just letting these guys do what ever they want? He’s supposedly the leader, yet these three (who names I’m not lowering myself to remembering) do whatever they want, constantly. It completely undermines his supposed authority. Is it any wonder there are random attacks every five minutes with this faction stirring things up?

Anri knows Kida leads the Bandanas. Kida knows Mikado leads the Dollars, and suspects Anri is a member and/or is a hypnotist. Mikado knows fuck all. Photobucket I never thought I would say this, but in terms of knowledge and power, Anri seems to be on top. She has countless follwers from all factions who obey her without question, and is friends with the top people in Ikebukuro (Celty, Shizuo, Kadota + crew, Mikado and Kida.) But only Celty knows who she is, and she can’t tell her true identity to most people without being associated with the other Slasher. Kida has a lot of information, but he can’t do anything with it without hurting his friends. His group is large, intimidating and physically powerful, but is arguing amongst itself. Mikado doesn’t know a whole lot, and he’s easily swayed by his emotions as well. The Dollars seem to be falling apart, but I think is he actually ordered them to do something most of them would obey. He doesn’t have the same control as Anri, nor as many connections, although he is on speaking terms with… Well, everyone, including Izaya, Celty (and therefore Shizuo,) Simon, Kadota + crew, Seiji + Mika (and therefore Namie), Kida and Anri.
Just as an aside, I wonder how well known Kadota + friends are within Ikebukuro? They seem to know everyone, and they’re always hanging out in the midst of things… I guess because they’re such neutral guys, they escape notice?

What could have been. Don’t join gangs, kids!

Lurking under an underpass, in the dark. That’s just asking for trouble. Photobucket
Seiji actually looks like Frankenstein. I wouldn’t thank them for approaching me…

When the crazy stalker ex-friend of your best friend/girlfriend notices more about her than you, there’s trouble.

You can just tell he’s dead inside.

I don’t understand. Why are they even in the Bandannas? They don’t like nor obey the boss, and they’re not really friends with any of the other members. I really don’t get it. Strength in numbers?

Anri literally can’t go five minutes without being assaulted. If it’s not a pervert teacher it’s a creepy thug. Photobucket
I’m interested to know what this will mean next episode. Mikado will obviously try and save, either himself; by ordering the Dollars to do so, as their leader; or by encouraging the Dollars to do so as another member.
And Anri… will almost definitely attack the Bandannas as the Slasher. So either the Dollars or Mikado will figure out who she is. If it’s Mikado, he’ll have the choice of telling her who he is, and the two working together, or more likely, freaking out and pulling a Kida.

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