SID ‘Rain’ + Ayabie ‘Dramatic’ + the GazettE ‘Shiver’ + SuG ‘Koakuma Sparkling’

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OK, serously, jrock PVs… AUGH. I hate to compare AnCafe AGAIN, but seriously, AnCafe PVs are always amazing. Cute and fun to watch. *sigh* OK, this is very pretty. Mao is very gorgeous and Aki is still hot. But it’s SO BORING. Can we PLEASE have less of the playing in front of a colourful background PVs from jrock?
Anyway, this is the 5th OP for FMA:Brotherhood. SID also did the 1st ED, so that’s full circle for FMA. (I think that’s pretty common for longer-running anime.) I can only guess the reason for the boring PV was that ‘Rain’ will already have FMA promoting it, so a PV isn’t so necessary. Still. Photobucket
This is the third single of SID’s to open/end an anime, they did the first Kuroshitsuji opening too. (I loved it. Photobucket) More jrock in my anime.

I don’t know why I’m so amazed Ayabie are still around; they’re not even that old a band. I guess because their days with Ryohei were so long ago… Feels that way. More playing in front of a blank background; at least this PV is a little more varied. The editing of this MV is much more dynamic than SID’s, not that that says a lot. I like the song though.

Speaking of jrock in anime, the GazettE’s new single will be an OP to the new Kuroshitsuji series. Can’t wait.
I find it interesting that I no longer even bat an eyelid at the retarded-ass names of jrock bands. Do the GazettE even spell their name like that anymore? Did they change it back to Gazette? I can’t keep up. I know alice nine. (who have a new single coming up, btw) changed to Alice Nine last year. And don’t get me started of Dir en grey/DIRENGREY/Dir En Grey. Too many ridiculous flame wars. At least I’m not a fan of Dragon WAPPPPPPER, 【_Vani;lla】, or 0801弐209336.

THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I knew I could count on SuG to have a fun MV! YES OSHARE KEI.
Remember when SuG first came out? With Scheat? Everyone loved them. Then there was the backlash. Now things seem to have settled down. Takeru will always create strong opinions… But I love him. He reminds me of MYVPOPs era Miyavi, and perhaps a little of G-Dragon. Hyper and always a source of conflictng opinions. (I love all three.)
Anyway, this PV. Reminds me a little of LOVE SCREAM PARTY MV. Takeru at 00:40 is precious. Even the compulsary shots of the band playing are of them dancing around in a room fuul of balloons!
2:10 when Chiyu is jumping and seems to be kicking his bass… He always seems to play with the strap of his bass so long and much too low. Is that just me? Photobucket I used to love Masato but I think I’m becoming a Chiyu fan. Takeru will always be my fave.
(And I’m glad I’m not the only person who was reminded of Big Bang or SHINee when I saw their new look.)

btw, this is my fave jrock PV of all time. Probably one of the most famous Oshare-kei PVs.

And I’m not just saying that because I’m (still) a Bou stan.

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Oricon 07/06/10 Durarara 20

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