Durarara! 19

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Anri evidently shares a wardrobe with Erika. And just a thought, everytime I see Erika I think how bulky and hard to move in her choice of coat/dress is. Impossible for running in. Photobucket

OK, these three are boring and probably my least favourite characters of the series. I mean, I do really hate Izaya as a personality, but at least he’s incredibly entertaining as a character. He’s fun to watch and moves the plot along. Anri is starting to come into her own and actually do things that don’t involve getting attacked or felt up, so she’s growing on me.
But I do lke the friendship dynamic between Anri, Kida and Mikado. Photobucket Close friendships are one of my favourite things to watch in anime. (Which explains my following of really terrible shounen series. The only reason I’m still reading Naruto is me hope of a Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura happy ending.)

Anri joins the chat! So, Izaya knows ‘Setton’ is Celty, ‘Saika’ is Anri and ‘Byakura’ is Mikado. Celty and Anri know each other, Mikado knows Izaya is ‘Kanra’. Are Celty and Mikado aware of each other? Mikado and Anri?

Izaya: least trustworthy person in the world ever.

This has bothered me since the first episode, but why doesn’t Simon have eyebrows? He’s shown to be a primarily good, kind and trusting person. (Complete foil of Izaya.) But, have you ever seen people without eyebrows? It’s the fastest way to look inhuman. Photobucket

This is a really helpful power. If I could choose a superpower, it would be this. You would never have to work again. Just get your subordinates to give you whatever you wanted… (My superpower of choice would be anything that allowed me to do as little work as possible. Photobucket)

So cute when she’s determined and full of pep. Photobucket

I don’t physically understand how people could think Celty is male. She is wearing a skintight suit! Does noone in this anime have eyes!?

An amazing question. I really hate Maki. Aside from the fact that she’s a brainwashed follower of Izaya… No, let’s focus on that for a moment. How did that happen? Why is she following someone so clearly evil? What is Izaya teaching her? Does she realise it’s his fault that she’s been in hospital for what seems to be in-series months?
Anyway, aside from that… One of my biggest pet peeves, regarding characters, are those who always smugly act like everything will go their way. So when Maki’s acting like, ‘I know you’ll come back to me,’ it just makes me want to slap her. And then have Kida end up with anyone else instead of her.
(Can you tell I was the type of child who always did the exact opposite my parents wanted? Piercings and purple hair. Photobucket)
And since it looks like Kida is still leaning towards her… I’m actually hoping she dies before the series is out. And I never think that about people. Photobucket

Smug bitch.

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