BIGBANG ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ + MBLAQ ‘Y’ + Wondergirls ‘2 Different Tears’ + Megamasso ‘Twilight Star’

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Oh my god! YG pulling a fast one on us and dropping the MV for Tell Me Goodbye! Why are you like this YG? I’m reminded yet again as to why YG are the best company. And it has nothing to do with the fact they have my favourite band.
As it happens, I don’t even like this song that much. Purely because it’s a ballad, and I’m not a slow song kind of girl. Give me something I can dance to.Photobucket But on the other hand, it’s Big Bang, and I am a Big Bang stan of the highest order.
(Oh btw it’s YB’s birthday today so I’ll be spamming him later.)
Actually I say I dislike ballads but I’ve had this on repeat all day. It’s really beautiful. Taeyang’s English and TOP’s rap especially. I could listen/watch TOP aaaaaaaall day.
And I love his grey hair. Even if it’s just spray on.


Seriously if I could have one wish in this world it would be for TOP.


So perfect. ❤

I’m so disappointed because I’ve been waiting for their comeback for months, and this just… isn’t that great. I mean, they debuted together with Beast. And tbh I thought MBLAQ’s ‘Oh Yeah’ was a much better song than Beast’s ‘Bad Girl’. I also preferred the members of MBLAQ. (G.O.! Photobucket) But then MBLAQ went off to Japan, and Beast continued promoting in Korea with Shock and Special. And became really popular. But I waited for MBLAQ, feeling bad that their main rivals were so far ahead of them. And now it’s like… Is this all you can do?

Firstly, I don’t really like the song. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. Given that Beast have consistently produced hits, it’s a let down. But most songs to tend to grow on me when I hear them on music programs so I’ll give it time. My main problem with the MV… Well, it’s basically the Lee Joon show! I get that he’s the most popular member, I do. But making him the main focus of the MV? G.O. and Mir, I miss you~ Photobucket
Also, those trouser… things, in the dance segments. What.

WONGERGIRLS! It’s been too long, seriously. But WG consistently produce good songs, so I’ll wait for them. Photobucket 2DT was released in Korean, Chinese and English, because WG are trying to succeed in all three markets. I actually prefer the song in English. However, JYP’s speech at the beginning is too lulzy in English for it’s own good, so Korean it is. It’s bad enough with that ridiculous wig and yellow (!!) eyeshadow. At leat JYP knows to make fun of himself though.
Contrary to the rest of the fandom, I love their hair. All of them, all the colours, all the styles.
And Sohee crossdressing as a boy. Photobucket Maybe because I’m a fan of crossdressers/traps (Bou-kun!) but OMG YUM SOHEE.
And I’m warming Lim. I still think she’s seriously unattractive and awkward, but she can sing and her English is great. I wonder if JYP chose her as the new Wondergirl because of her skills in English?
JYP was just the best part of the MV.

LQ but with jrocj you take what you get.Photobucket
I cannot believe it’s already been 4 years since Megamasso debuted. I remember when they first came out… Photobucket Man, Hoshi furi machi nite is still a favourite of mine. However, this PV, it’s just not good. It’s boring as hell. They’ve just gone major, if they have a bigger budget, surely they can afford to spend a little more on the PV! It’s not like just dancing around playing instruments in a plain room can’t be interesting; jrock bands do it ALL THE TIME. Most PVs, in fact, feature it to some degree. It’s just such a cop-out.
And the styling… Well, I do actually like it. (Although I can’t take Gou seriously in those clown shoes.) But, I’m a crossdresser fan. Ryouhei is one of the more ones in the jrock scene. Why is he dressed like a guy?! It’s the -going major- curse: that all bands start to tone down their look having gone major. Photobucket I’m disappointed with this!

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