Angel Beats 07

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Can you believe I almost gave up on this after the first episode? I’m so glad I gave it another chance, it’s my fave series running this season. Can’t believe it’s only 13 episodes…

Everything TK does fills me with glee. I sincerely hope we find out his story. Although, with only 5 more episodes to go…Photobucket

I never noticed Shiina’s customised uniform before. (She doesn’t interest me, so I don’t notice her.) It’s nice to see the design looks like something that actually makes it easier to move in, rather than having been done for the sake of fanservice.

Yay! Naoi has joined the SSS! Photobucket This gives me hope that Angel will as well.

Otonashi tops.
Seriously, Hinata, Naoi, Angel, Yuri. In that order. And when the series started everyone was so sure he’d end up with Yuri… I’d say that’s least likely at the moment. She has competition, and everyone seems to be more eager than her.
It’s hard to say who this series is aimed at. It’s like it knows it’s going to get the hardcore otaku watching anyway, so has decided on fanservice aimed at the fujoshi instead… (I don’t consider myself a fujoshi, but I’m not complaining. Photobucket)

Because it’s any of her business? Photobucket I’m glad that they’re tackling the memory business now instead of dragging it along throughout the series or other such BS.

He is so eager! Photobucket

Otonashi is not. And it’s too late Yuri! Naoi got their first! Photobucket

Reminds me of Yusuke from Clannad. Construction work + jrock hair.

Rara, Rara DX and Dnargaret. (As well as what looks like Bisco Hatori on the cover of Rara and Aya Nakahara on Dnargaret. I recognise the art styles of the top two magazines as well, but I can’t place the mangaka. Photobucket It’s seriously bugging me.)

The Clannad vibes I am getting from this flashback, seriously. Photobucket

And I dunno, but for some reason I started thinking of Deep Love Ayu, and I got scared he’d overwork himself to death. Photobucket

Ah, so pretty! My first time seeing what Noda see’s in Yurippe.
I don’t really have a problem with the art of Angel Beats, except, my personal anime pet peeve – GRADIENT HAIR. It’s 2010. We should not be using gradients anywhere near anime. It’s happening in Working as well ths seaon. I think it just looks so cheap and flat. In a shot like this, it almost works, because you can only really see the gradient on the side getting hit by the sun light source anyway… But for example:

It takes away from the illiusion of depth. At least with highlights and shadows added, it’s managable, but so many shows seem to think it’s an excuse to not have to highlight the hair…

Anyway, enough ranting about this…

I refuse to believe you could ever possibly be short on meal tickets.


Angel~ The lighting in AB is really effective. Can’t you just tell it’s a hot, bright day? Look at the light reflecting off the ground.

You want her, Otonashi! Photobucket

What possesed Otonashi to think this was a good idea. I can already feel the awkward moment that is Angel meeting the SS. Photobucket

About as I expected. Photobucket But why are Noda and Fujimaki at the back? Surely the most violent after Yuri?

The comments practically write themselves.

BE STILL MY FANGIRL HEART! Photobucket Photobucket

Enter Dark Angel! Because letting Angel have a little peace and happiess would just be too easy. I wonder whether this will mean Angel will fight alongside the SSS against Dark Angel, or if they’ll turn against her as a traitor.

Chop chop chop.

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