K-ON!! 06

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How has that guitar survived 3 years? Photobucket

OK, this has been bugging me for weeks. I wore a school uniform, A blazer was part of that uniform. They were uncomfortable, unflattering and hard to move in. Yet the K-ON! girls all wore their’s 24/7. Why was this?! Even at the start of the year, when they should surely have been in a summer uniform. And look at the adorable vest they were hiding underneath! Mio looks so much cuter in this, and it fit her better too. The cream is much more flattering and fashionable than grey too. Photobucket Now I want to rewatch the first season to check what the girls were wearing…

And why would you not be wearing a blazer/outdoor jacket whilst it’s raining? Can KyoAni please make up it’s mind?
Yes, I know I’m the only person who’ll be complaining about that. Photobucket

Sasa-chan coming in handy. I’d love to just have costumes prepared.

Everytime I see that face I burst into laughter.

Ritsu looks really OOC here. She doesn’t strike me as a housework type. I mean, I know anyone could so on a button, but still. Photobucket

Mio is me. Mold just scares the bejaysus out of me. Photobucket

I really like the background music going on in K-ON!! Which would be a compliment, except I feel an anime about a band should have some decent foreground music. I get that KyoAni are probably saving the music for the dramatic final episode but really, if Angel Beats can do it…

I find it very unlikely that Ui would allow food to be left out for two days. Also, would that much mold grow that quickly? I guess the humidity?

And no, this was not an acceptable replacement for an actual band. Photobucket

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