Durarara! 17

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My life has been a whirlwind this past few months, so busy. Lots of job interviews, college interviews, working… Looks like in September I might be rocking 3 jobs and a full-time college course. Photobucket Haha, hope not…
I’m aiming to update more regularly now…

I agree. Shizuo~ Photobucket

Aaaah, I find this pair so cute together. What does Celty see in the way skeevy Shinra anyway? Photobucket But I love the best friend dynamic of this pair.

This outfit… I can’t decide if it’s cute or not. Photobucket I think it would be better if it was a less drab colour. The loose feel is a good contrast with the bare legs.

I feel this scene was lost on me, because all I could think was how pretty Anri was as a kid, and how jealous I am of anime girls and their perfect hair. Such volume. Photobucket


Oh thank God Anri finally stood up to that pervert.

What a pathetic excuse for a human. Photobucket And I doubt that’s even the last we’ll see of him, if Izaya is and indication.

You know, I don’t really love Mikado or Anri, but I hope they get together in the end. They can both be boring and happy together.
I can’t believe the leader of the Dollars and the leader of the Swords can be such introverted people. Photobucket

LOVE Mkado’s reaction. Photobucket

Anri has fallen for Celty! That is absolutely the direction this anime should go. Photobucket Although I don’t understand why Anri would think Celty was a guy… I mean, I know Anri has a big chest, but Celty is hardly into DFC territory… Photobucket

… a woman!
… a faerie!
… engaged to a creep!
… actually a good friend of mine!
… actually a loyal member of my gang!

Aw, bless, him thinking like there are any normal people on this show. Photobucket

You can no longer use this line in fansubbing and not be reminded of ‘Just as keikaku.’ Photobucket

So Anri being attacked means that Masaomi and Mikado want to protect her, both calling on their respective gangs. I’m excited for Anri vs Mikado vs Masaomi! Obviously Mikado has the advantage, as Simon, Shizuo, Celty, they’re all Dollars. Anri has numbers, since she can easily make more members, and can take over members of the Dollars and the Golden Bandanas. Masaomi would seem to be the weakest, but unlike the other two factions, the Golden Bandanas are an actual gang comprised of actual thugs. They’re not as big or strong, but they seem easier to rile up, and more willing to be violent.
Whoo, can’t wait to see how this turns out! Photobucket

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