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Happy Birthday TaeYang!

It’s Taeyang’s 22nd birthday today! He’s not my fave member of Big Bang, but he’s so sweet. Never had a girlfriend, had his first kiss in an MV… So presh!Photobucket


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BIGBANG ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ + MBLAQ ‘Y’ + Wondergirls ‘2 Different Tears’ + Megamasso ‘Twilight Star’


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Angel Beats 07

Can you believe I almost gave up on this after the first episode? I’m so glad I gave it another chance, it’s my fave series running this season. Can’t believe it’s only 13 episodes…

Everything TK does fills me with glee. I sincerely hope we find out his story. Although, with only 5 more episodes to go…Photobucket

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Because I have a new scanner, and because it’s so hard to find Junko Mizuno. I have all her graphic novels. I know Pure Trance and Life of Momongo are online already, if you know where to look.Photobucket So here’s Cinderalla, and if there’s interest I might upload Hansel + Gretel and Princess Mermaid. I also have Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu, but I’m not sure it’ll fit in my scanner.

This is my first time scanning, if you have any cc please let me know, because I’m not a great scanner. (Doubled by the fact that the English editions of Mizuno’s books are very cheaply produced, the binding was coming apart as I scanned. Photobucket)


Download here

Feel free to reupload anywhere you want, but don’t remove the credit.


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SuJu Bonamana and f(x) NU ABO


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K-ON!! 06

How has that guitar survived 3 years? Photobucket

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Durarara! 17

My life has been a whirlwind this past few months, so busy. Lots of job interviews, college interviews, working… Looks like in September I might be rocking 3 jobs and a full-time college course. Photobucket Haha, hope not…
I’m aiming to update more regularly now…

I agree. Shizuo~ Photobucket

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Anime + Drama

No.6 [July 7]
Idolmaster [July 7]
Blood-C [July 7]
Sacred Seven [July 2]
Kami-sama no Memo-chou [July 2]

Ouran High School Host Club [July 22]
Ikemen desu ne [July 15]
Hana Kimi [July 10]


09/xx = Tu[ism] - Mile Stone
09/07 = Alice Nine - HEART OF GOLD
09/07 = DaizyStripper - tsuki ni juusei
09/07 = V.A. - V-ROCK Disney
09/09 = shiki∞project - rasasakura
09/14 = aoi - yume no kanata e
09/14 = aoi - symmetry
09/14 = jealkb - AGAINST
09/28 = SID - Itsuka
09/28 = THE KIDDIE - utsukushiki REDRUM
09/28 = DragonWAPPPPPPER - 6piece

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