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Ugh this is late but whatever.


It wasn’t untill I started watching that I realised how excited I was for K-ON!! I didn’t realise I’d even liked the first series that much. (*.*) Perhaps because most shows seem pretty mediocre to me at the moment. (other than Durarara which I love, and Bakemonogatari, which I’m only including because I’m still waiting for the last two episodes.)

The OP was pants. I really, really hate Yui’s voice. Especially since when I listen to her all I can hear is her backing vocals from when she had a bad throat.

Oh dear, is my Ritsu bias showing? XD Love Mio wearing Nodoka’s glasses. Love Azusa looking like she has an actual figure. I do love loli’s but she’s 16. Gve her a break.

Which means only one more year of high school. The first series spent 26 episodes on first and second years of highschool. As a third season has already been confirmed, does that mean we’re defintely following the girls on through college?

Aaaand they all end up in the same class, in a plot move that is both obvious and awesome.

I’m finding Yui cuter and cuter. She annoyed me so much at the start of the first season. I am anti-moe for dojikko’s.

Sawako; clearly a graduate of the Yukari-sensei school of teaching.

Her burikko is all the scarier when you know what’s under it.

Upcoming episodes. I love school trip storylines. ^^

Reminds me of my school days… *sobsob*
Except my school song was in Latin and basically bragged about how awesome the school/city was.

This is more like me. ;D Ritsu is my kindred spirit.

Azunyan! No! ;o; Find new members STAT.

Japan is known for being a nation of cute. Is this the best they could do?! The dead eyes…

‘Why is my best friend so completely insane.’ A look that screams ‘I’ve given up.’

The timing of this scene was excellent.
But I have to say, if I walked into a club and came face to face with that horse and cat, my first thought would not be ‘How cute! Let’s join this club!’ but rather ‘OMFG How do I escape here without being killed and discreetly disposed of?’

Especially Yui. And her legs. ❤

Sometimes it's hard to remember I'm a straight girl.

The lack of a concert was annoying. >< Understandable and expected, yes, but still annoying.

negl the ED was the best bit of this episode.

The whole sitting, blinking and looking blank was just cute enough to not annoy me even though all I could think of was Magibon. ><

Their outfits are adorable. So cute. Although it would be impossible to walk in cake in those heels, you’d sink right down.

God she’s pretty. Is she supposed to be Mio? Only with a fuckload of make, hairspray and botox?

Yui should style her hair like this forever. She looks so much more mature. So eighties. I love it, even if it’s so last year.

Ricchan’s outfit suits her so well. Her hair’s just a little mussed-up, which looks cute here, but messy early on in the ED. The long shirt and leggings is so now. The outfit and pose hangs so well here.

Azunyan’s outfit is too loose to be cute. >o< It just looks frumpy.

Mugi is the odd one out because she’s not wearing eighties-kei or haadi. It looks like they’ve thrown lots of trends on at once. (*.*?) The nautical look is very last season, as are leather jackets. But I do love the sweet/rock combi of the frills + leather so I’ll forgive her. ^o^

Why am I talking fashion in an anime blog? Who cares but me? Oh yeah, it’s my blog, so piss off. ❤ xxx

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