Durarara!! 13

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Dotachin is even better looking without his bandanna. He should absolutely look like this all the time.

He is seriously yum.

So the episode starts with a new OP. It is not great by itself and complete sht when compared to the first OP Uragiri no Yuuyake. XP But it does increase the number of named characters shown, adding Saki, Tom, Kasuka and Shingen from the first half of the series; I assume this means they’ll have a bigger part to play from now on. It also gives us Kinnosuke Kuzohara who I don’t think was in the first 12 episodes, unless he was a background character.

PDA alert! Get a room, srsly. Although it is a little cute how in love they are with each other. (#^.^#)

It’s just a shame that love is twisted and creepy. It’s not like anime isn’t chock-a-block full of weird couples, but I think it’s the realistic setting and normal characters who surround them that makes this pair stand out as complete freaks.

ngl if any guy said this in front of me he’d be swiftly receiving a broken nose.

I don’t understand the attraction of Anri. She’s not, you know, horrible or anything, but she doesn’t seem to have a personality other than being quiet and introverted. Yes, she has large breasts, but are there really three guys chasing her because of that?
Don’t answer that, I don’t need my faith in men destroyed anymore than it currently is.

UGH HE CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT. D: But on the other hand I’d really like to see something happen plot-wise between this pair because
a) student/teacher relationships are a favourite plot point of mine, and
b) he’s a fucking creep and the sooner he’s out of the picture the better.

I want guy friends.

LOLOLOLOL Traffic police. idek they just seem like the least threatening police. Glorified traffic wardens.
But also, why are the police chasing Selty? She has done nothing wrong, other than delivering packages which as far as I know is not illegal. And it’s definitely not a traffic violation. Although she did drive down a building 2 episodes ago. (-_-;) From what I can see Ikebukuro is a hotbed of crime, including gangs, serial kllings, rape, kidnap and prostitution so perhaps the police should deal with that instead of putting stupid amounts of manpower towards stalking a relatively law abiding citizen.

OK I think it’s my anti-Shinra bias flaring up but that creeped me out. Of course, everything romantic/sexual Shinra says towards Selty creeps me out so…

Everyone in this show is fucked in the head. There is a character in love with a head, and a character in love with a body.

See if anyone did this to me? My knee would be so far up ther crotch it would cause brain damage.

Because of Selty’s flashback I was expecting to hate Shingen but he actually seems pretty funny.

That is a face begging to be punched.

It’s just impossible to hate Simon. Even is Izaya is sociable.

I love these girls. 😀 Even though they’re ganguro, and anyone who knows anything about Japanese fashion will know ganguro has been dead a good 10 years. (And kogal even longer. ><;; Loose socks? Are we serious?)

Um, wtf are these girls on. Obviously, Anri hasn’t slept with any of these people. And, even if she had, what’s wrong with that? Given that these girls are big kogal/ganguro streotypes, and enjo kosai is stereotypically associated with gyaru culture, I thnk it’s more likely they’ve been selling themselves. (>.<;;) And it's been shown that the tall girl has had multiple (retarded) boyfriends, themselves stereotypes of yankii/bosuzoku subculture. There hypocrites are talking out of their asses.

But I was still sad when the episode ended with them being attacked and almost definitely killed by the slasher. D:
It’s very unlikely Anri will be killed, especially as her sub-plot with Nasujima hasn’t been resolved (or indeed explored at all.) Perhaps she’ll be attacked, and hospitalized together with Saki?

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