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Hot chefs. Excellent.

First though: man her friend is huge.

Oh right.

That sounds so shady. I want to say ‘Who goes up to people on the street and asks if they want a job?’ but this actually has happened to me so…

Nooooooo he doesn’t he seems like a paedophile.

Poplar is am AMAZING name. Especially the way she pronounces it. ❤

It failed. But seriously, loved the name.

And he is my favourite character. Cool, mature and good-looking. ❤ Although given his profession and hairstyle… I wonder if that's a deliberate One Piece reference? Although he is the opposite of Sanji personality wise.

It’s been 10 minutes and I am ALREADY SHIPPING THEM. They are so precious.

Satou pops up as Kyoko is telling Takanashi not to date coworkers. Putting my ship through the wringer already…

But it’s ok because he is afterall a lolicon.

‘Have you been sniffing glue?’ All drug references remind me of that line from Misfits.

Yes I do.

And so do they.

I thought Working might be going down the route of having Yachiyo being a nice girl who blows up and uses that sword against customers. But Kyoko seems to fulfill that herself. So what is the sword for?

For one horrible moment, I thought we were about to experience the cliche of having Takanashi walk in on the girl who’s scared of boys changing. Thank god we avoided it.

I hate this type of character. Is anyone in the world really this scared of men? And if they are, why are they working in restaurants? Why are they not working in nail salons or somewhere that men tend to avoid like the plague?

Yachiyo is SO gay for Kyoko.

I hope that’s true. Maybe that’s what the sword’s for. Maybe she’s Kyoko’s faithful subordinate.
Please let this happen.

The OP and ED are so dull. There are no decent OP/ED ths season (that I know of.) But I’ve got K-ON!! next on my watchlist so here’s hoping to remedy that. ❤

Overall, this series seems pretty generic, but I'm willing to overlook that for more Satou scenes.

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